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Download the MPLABx IDE and the XC16 compiler form Micorchip (both free downloads). The simulator release notes lists that device as being supported. The comments I'd make about the simulator applies to all simulators: the sometimes do not handle I/O very well (some peripherals can be simulated but others have no or limited simulation) and also sim
The main achievement of circuit simulators is the ability to predict the working and give transient current/voltage analysis of each device. Generally, for the most applications, such as audio and telephony, sampling on order of mili seconds would suffice. However, if you work with circuits having components working on scale of micro seconds suc
Hi, I have a Verilog-A code snippet for MOSFET, but I do not know where (any good free Verilog-A simulators) and how to simulate the code to get the VI chara of the device. Could someone please explain the steps? Regards, Raghu
I don't believe that you'll find a circuit simulator which completely avoids convergence errors with problematic device models or circuits. Compared to the original SPICE program, many simulators have optional "alternative" solvers or try to adjust solver parameters automatically if convergence problems occur. But it many cases, it's better to
Have you tried simply editing the model cards to add +delvt0=0.0 mulu0=1.0 in the device params body, and see what happens? If it doesn't barf, then try (say) setting +delvt0=mydelvt0n mulu0=mymulu0n instead, add those variables to the ADE list and see what comes of varying them. SPICE type simulators have always let you omit unused params,
I am about to loose my patience with this PIC18F4620 MCU. :-x I just dont understand why my code doesn't work. Oh and btw the code is just a simple USART from Pic dem 2 plus board to my laptop. So I feel my problem lies in the frequency /baud rate area. It maybe due to several factors. You'll need to post you co
LTspice is a free full version simulator from Linear Technology Linear Technology - Design Simulation and device Models Multisim now belongs to National Instruments NI Multisim - National Instruments , this is a commercial software You can find tutorials in both si
ADS momentum simulates a device inside a box. No. Box refers to FFT-MoM based simulators like Sonnet, which have metal side walls that limit the analysis area. Momentum is Method of Moment with open boundaries. There are no conducting side walls. For the top and/or bottom, you can choose "free space" w
You don't calculate this parameter. You can either examine it in a test circuit or easier you read the pdf where it is explicitly given by a device manufacturer.
If you looked into 8051 figures ? instead of running bloody simulators - you would easily find out that the /WR and /RD pulses during external operations take 6 clock cycles, and that at 11,59200MHz is an equivalent to 2MHz, or 500ns pulse width .. On the other hand 8255 is a 5MHz device and will accept /WR or /RD pulses of at least 250ns .. Can'
eds simulation in spice-spectre is quite difficult because you must have quite good models of the esd device, which I never got during my profession. It is also not necessary since a full snap-back will destroy your ic. Furhter ESD simulation are made with device simulators. I made simulation once for an heat estimation with a simple (...)
Only spectre have the feature that a npn for instance could be either a primitive device with a model or a subcircuit model. So that the device netlist is unchanged and you only change the model be either a primitive or a subcircuit. If you use other simulators then all device should be subcircuits defined in the model file (...)
Hello, does anyone have DAMOCLES Monte Carlo simulator of semiconductor devices or any other monte carlo device simulators? regards, eng.
simply the gm is the "dI/Vgs" and in most simulators u can view the status of a device so u can view the gm of the transistor khouly
Dear srikanth, Area and perimeter of drain/source have a great dependency upon your utilized process/technology and the way you are going to lay it out (e.g. to the number of fingers). However in most simulators you can find the default values of these specifications for your device by using the following parameters, "as" (source area), "ad" (drai