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i want to create simulation model of a component which has spice model If you are talking about a standard device, this article seems to answer exactly your question: Important to mention that prior to know how to handle the suffs in Proteus,
Probably as a regular BJT using one of the more advanced compact models. Just where do you expect a model to come from, other than the foundry PDK? Or a discrete HBT device vendor's support pages?
google spice model for the device. you can import spice model in tina or Orcad pspice.
hi, all the three defines the channel length modulation (clm) . The parameter that defines clm depends on the device models of spice that you are using. 1st generation models - clm is defined by lambda 2nd generation - kappa 3rd generation - pclm. Higher level model defines the short channel effects accurately.
Hi, I've been assigned to design a non conventional FET (FINFET,Quadfet etc.) in silvaco and then somehow extract and feed the generated device parameters into Cadence for making a single stage amplifier. I wanted to ask if it is possible?? and if yes then how it could be done?? Thank you very much in advance:)
What do you want to achieve? In IC design, capacitance extraction refers to the determination of parasitic, mainly interconnect capacitances. In a spice simulator, only device capacitances are considered in standard models. You can measure circuit noded capacitances, but you get just out what you put in when specifying the (...)
Hi there, I am trying to perform a mixed-signal simulation in Sentaurus TCAD with the following circuit: - a photodiode device (3D mesh) - its readout circuit comprising three MOSFETS (using TCAD's spice/BSIM3 compact model converted from Spectre BSIM3V3 models from the fab's PDK) In the middle of a transient simulation, I need to (...)
I don't believe that you'll find a circuit simulator which completely avoids convergence errors with problematic device models or circuits. Compared to the original spice program, many simulators have optional "alternative" solvers or try to adjust solver parameters automatically if convergence problems occur. But it many cases, it's (...)
Sentaurus TCAD is a process and device simulation tool, s.the PDF below. Even if it has the capability of mixed mode simulation together with spice models (s. pp. 32 ff.), I think it's not appropriate for circuit simulation with more than a few circuit devices. And in any case I don't think you can achieve phase noise (...)
... my question was, how the hspice or some simulator knows about the device configuration of that particular device from the spice model. From the netlist, which is given to the simulator, too.
Review the Hspice or any other other spice manual for the spice subcircuit syntax. A short description is e.g. in the Hspice Elements and device models Manual.
try to find an equivalent from other manufacturers and see if they have a model for the equivalent device. I did not find any spice models for the 6841 online.
may i ask where can i find spice models for ATE loadboards,probe cards, and device under test sockets? any good reference documents you can suggest?
Which simulator you are using? if you are using Pspice, you shall be able to get the one from installed libraries. CD4013B is one such device from CD4000 library. You may not find a generic spice model for D flipflop as original spice does not have support for digital simulation.
This can not be done in regular spice. You can do this in Pspice. Pspice allows you to put warning and error condition in your models. You can also use .WATCH command to apply hi & low voltage limit on specific node, but this is done at circuit level instead of at model level. You can also use Pspice (...)
A lot of components manufacturers give device models in spice format. +++
You can download them from Berkeley BSIMSOI website: BSIMSOI Homepage - Example Circuits
hi all before doing real analog circuit design in 65nm CMOS process, i want to emulate the device charaterisitics and get to know all the effects that differ from 0.13?m or 0.18?m processes, and what kind of models (gate direct tunneling current model, monte carlo model, mismatch model, etc.) should be included in the spice simulation? (...)
Hello Federov, I don't think fairchild will give you the technology they have used to fabricate this device... if you'r trying to figure out the Width and Length of the transistor junction, you should look at the technology road map of Fairchild and when they first made this chip... All that is really need to drive this PMOS is Vgs(th), Imax and V
It depends on the device. Do you have a model? For GaAsFETs there is a specific model type: Z, but quite a few models simply use the JFET model, I think. Keith.