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1. Too slow (R*C increased because R increased when it turns to Hi-Z state). 2. More power consuption (always too much fanout need in the same tri-state wire). 3. dft issues.
Hi Good Course for NJ-ites looking for practical training on EDA Tools(Simulation, Synthesis and dft) specially engineers, students and fresh graduates looking out for jobs!!! Ascend Training Institute is pursuing a practical 5-Day Course in VLSI/EDA/asic starting from August 2004. For more information, visit Chec
there are some tools for atpg. but, alomost pepple use as bellows tool. 1. synopsys test_compiler ( until 2001.08 version) Synopysys testgen Synopsys TetraMax ( now ) 2. Syntest 3. veritest 4. mentor dft architecture The ATPG tool of Ment0r should be F@stscan for full or almost ful
The Main Problem with latches is the STA/dft incompatibility as "yeewang" said. Also glitches in the enable pin of the latches cause improper functionaing of the system. What RMM says is to avoid creating latches UNKNOWINGLY by defining a "else" condition for an if statement .. and default case for a CASE statement. Latches on the other side ta
Who can give me some info about using m-sequence to generate the test paterns fed to test chain in asic dft, and how to get the results :P .
Scan Chain insertion is done in dft compiler before Astro routing
What I have ever seen and experienced is the Syn*psys DC's buit in scan insertion command, but pls tell me more bout the dft, methodology and whatever.........
Does anyone has experience with asic design with latch and two phase clock? I though it may save area using latches. The two phase clock scheme can handle the timing problem with latch. What I don't know is whether it can be employed in the asic design flow using Synopsys tools. Would anyone like to comment on the timing check and dft of (...)
The prevailing ATPG tools for asic today are Synopsys 'TetraMax', and Mentor 'dft Advisor / FastScan'
Is there any FPGA tools that can help me insert scan chain for dft? Mmm... dft. Are you saying design for testing? Or something else? In FPGA, all we use is the JTAG. I don't think people know what you want to say. Please be specific.
Besides the tools, another important thing is the design KITS. Libary from the same asic vendor must be used from simulation, synthesis, dft, place route, LVS/DRC/ERC, and even transister simulation. It is difficult to find such a good design Kit that support all the tools. Who can provide a design kit? It is more difficult to find a KITS