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Hello Can any one help me in calculating THD, HD2 and HD3 in cadence. I am designing an OTA. I dont know what sampling frequency to use? In some forum I have read I have to calculate dft aswell for THD can any one help? Thanx
Hello guys, I am thankfull to be part of this forum. I'm working with a design including just one clock ( benchmark ITC 99 design). My objectif is to reproduce one of the straggered clock scheme (attached) that I found in this paper (Using Launch-on-Capture for Testing Scan Designs Containing Synchronous and Asynchrono
Thank you! But how can I subscribe for the search results? For example, I did a search for a keyword "dft" on the threads and now want to receive email notifications on all the new threads, which contains a keyword "dft". Is it possible?
I don't know spectrum() function in DFII 5.1.41. But it seems that there is no difference between spectrum() function and dft() function. By the way, new waveform viewer, ViVA provide function sets for evaluation of ADC. The Designer's Guide Community forum - snr of adc calcu
Hello Friends, I'm Vishal. I have applied for many full-time entry New College Graduate positions at Intel , Nvidia etc. I have already seen other threads where people have asked probable interview questions about dft in general. I would like to know interview questions related to dft, ASIC Design Flow, how Perl can be helpfu
Hi All, Can anybody suggest a good discussion forum online that is dedicated purely to Design for Test (dft) issues. These discussions would include ATPG and fault grading topics. Thanks animotion
latches are very often part of a scan chain, but most commonly as "lock-up latches" that occur between clock domains, to guard against hold time violations in scan shift mode. If you're curious and want more answers, go to dft forum - many dft folks hang out there. for dft talk/info go to: dft Di
There is a lot of material around - just google it - but if you have specific question... go ask at dft forum . We might be able to answer your question there... for dft talk/info go to: dft Digest dft forum
DC scan refers to stuck-at testing, AC scan is at-speed scan (for delay faults)... John for dft talk/info go to: dft Digest dft forum
I don't have my CTL book/spec with me, but try posting over at dft forum . There's people over there that probably use this more often... for dft talk/info go to: dft Digest dft forum
dft forum is usefully
That is highly circuit and data dependent. No way to tell. The best way is to run a simulation and analyze it. John for dft talk/info, go to: dft Digest dft forum
Hi. There is a lot of laziness seeing in your question. Just google JTAG. Hundreds of posts and resources regarding JTAG, dft already in this forum. "JTAG - Joint Test Action Group" Hope it helps. Thanks
If that didn't answer your question, you might want to post over at dft forum , because, I think there are TetraMax users there. John for dft talk/info go to: dft Digest dft forum
Dude, What the pintuinvlsi friend said is correct. Mature expalnation cann ot be done since it is a big topic search for dft related files in this forum u will get.
Hey guys... i 'm new here.....n i need some help from u all....plz suggest a good book for dft(design for testability) and also t link from where i can get t ebook if its available....
dft is usually calculated using FFT algorithm in hardware. You can get a free FFT Ip core here
Actually, I'm not sure about this, but you might check over at dft forum , because someone there might know. John for dft talk/info, go to dft Digest dft forum
Hi amjad can you send me more books on dft and