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What does RTL Designer should do in order to prepare his/her design for dft? Anyway, is it MUST to add the scan-related ports manually to the design or it might be left for the dft tool? What about adding scan MUXes? LockUp Latches? Can RTL Designer leave all these issues to dft Designer and just focus on the function
well, to do a synthesis, you need the RTL code and the liberty file which define the std cells/pad/memories/custom macros, to generate a netlist in verilog usually. to insert the dft (as scan chain), some synthesis tool could do it or used a dedicated tool, normaly the liberty with RTL or netlist is enough. to do the pattern generation, the netlist
Hello All, During IDDQ testing,What is the observation point for the Current? Can anyone provide good material for the IDDQ Testing? Thanks & Regards, Maulin Sheth
By definition in padS a test point IS a via. What you can do is define a via that is a pad with no hole (SETUP/padSTACKS/ Add via) Then go to TOOLS/dft AUDIT and then in the options tab in Use Test Point Via, select your new via.
Hi All, How can i find the which ports should be definded as the dft signals? (clocks/reset/enable) thanks!
use define_dft followed by the signals type u wanna define. For more info on the switches search the rc command reference from cadence site.
Hi, To apply dft transformation in OFDM systems, the convolution between the transmitted sequence and the channel has to be made circular. There are more than one way of doing so. Suppose that the length of the data sequence is M, and the channel length is L. Then if we pad L zeros in the data sequence such that the data sequence length is N
The scan insertion tool looks to have the pad in the correct direction when the dut is in scan mode. Then you need to define the dft constrain(s) that define the dut in scan mode and the rtl will define the input & output enables with the correct value.
HI! Thanks to previous help from you. But I still have some question about this verification tool. I've finished RTL -> Synthesis -> dft comparison by LEC Confromal verification and it shows correct. Now I face the problem when I tried to do comparison between dft and Place-and-Route result. The first one is mismapped question due to addit
You might want to check over at dft Forum , because I think there are TetraMax user over there... I'm a Mentor user myself, but I'm sure TetraMax can do the same thing... John for dft talk/info go to: dft Digest dft Forum
Hi all, I am new to dft(Boundary scan). i need to use dft compiler for Jtag insertion. can any one share the details/flow/scripts . once its inserted, how to check its properly inserted jtag into top level or not. The one problem i am facing while inserting the jtag is, always it complains TEST-93- error, which is No IO pad (...)
I have define the test clock on input pin of pad. And set he scan_mode select signal. But I still can not make the internal clock (sys_clk) to be treated as test clock. dft Violation 1: Internally driven Clock net 'sim/mrc/sysclk' in module 'sim_mrc' How to chech is the test clock is defined correctly? What is the exact flow in PKS to do
When I use dft compiler to insert_scan i find if i insert_scan at chip level, I have to write a "gate level" pad model. For dft compiler can't deal with pad correctly. The pad model i wrote contains only some AND BUF gates. But i found still sometimes dft compiler can't understand it (...)