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Hi there, I am looking to start of in dft domain. I needed the following info pls. *Is it OK to work on dft domain with vhdl as an HDL language (instead of Verilog). Also, what would be the merits / demerits of using vhdl to verilog (except for Verilog is simpler to learn). *I need some tools for synthesis, (...)
front-end: rtl design, functional verification, lint analysis back-end: logic synthesis (basic, dft, bsd), ATPG, formal verification, STA, physical synthesis (floorplan, CTS, P&R, parasite extraction), physical verification
Hi, I have to implement dft/fft using fpga but havent taken a class in dsp yet. can anyone please guide me as to how to go about it. i have started reading a book on dsp but what other information do i have to gather?
Hi all, I am trying to implement dft in vhdl. My code takes input from memory in std_logic_vector. But if I want to use CORDIC for sin/cos conversion it requires input in 2Qn format. For time being I have arranged bits in that format but is their any function to convert std_logic_vector to ufixed. Because that bit arrngement is going difficult f
I guess you can design the following in both vhdl and MATLAB 1. FIR Filter 2. AES or DES Encryption Engine 3. ALU 4. BUS PROTOCOL (Not Sure if you can do this in Matlab) 5. dft - eg. JTAG
dft Forum is usefully
Dear Friends, Synthesis using DC STA-using prime time dft- Mentor graphics CFT Advisor PNR- Nano route DRC and LVS Cadence Assura,Virtosuo its nothing by step step process for this under what extension r these files stored.
HI i need to know about verificatio for my final thesis which of these languages are best for verification ? 1)vhdl 2)VERILOG 3)System Verilog If system verilog is the one, are there any good free tools(in terms of optimisation ) for implementing System verilog? can any one suggest me some good books for dft and VERIFICATION using (...)
first do digital design, then code it in HDL ( verilog or vhdl), then synthesize the design, then insert dft to make it testable, then timing analysis, then place & route, then timing analysis with parasitic extractions, finally tape-out for fab. actually ASIC design consists a big flow. dont afraid. jest i have given the flow. start
hi; my synthesis script contains these line read -format vhdl fsm.vhd current_design feu_ctl --feu_ctl is the name of entity in fsm.vhd i get this message: cant find the design feu_ctl how to resolve this problem.thx
The prevailing ATPG tools for ASIC today are Synopsys 'TetraMax', and Mentor 'dft Advisor / FastScan'