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I was wondering what kind of computers/workstations/servers are required these days for designing the latest digital ASICs? I don't do many ASICs, but the last one I did was a 65nm job with a die area of about 40mm2. To do the gate level sims on that I used a 24-core Xeon blade and it needed 96 GB RAM, and weeks of running (...)
For core limited design, At netlist level, keep 70% utilization and count the core area by extrapolation. Once you get core area, Add IO Height + Distance between IO Boundary and core area to get die (...)
core ring is the ring over the boundary of floorplan which is is used for uniform power supply to the full die area.
hai friend, 1) Size of the block is decided by the tool itself when u load the netlist and libraries, it will have internal algorithm to calculate the area of the core area according to the netlist and physical area of all cells in the netlist.... when it comes (...)
Designs can be of two types 1. Pad Limited Design : A design is called Pad limited design when there are large number of pad cells determining the die size . In a Pad limited design the core placement area uses less real state (...)
area i/o - an array of i/o bumps and drivers distributed in the core area. peripheral i/o - i/o pads and drivers arranged around the periphery of the die area. will we decide chip core area ? die area = std. cell area (area of NAND gate * no. of std. cells) + macro area + 30% (for optimization) Chip (...)
two more factors to determine the die size and core size. -- core-limited design -- pad-limited design
Some terminology of encounter: 1) In Encounter, design area (or die area ) is divided into two section: The core area IO pads area. So everything except from pads will b e placed in core are. 2) (...)