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You can add a shorter transmission line with higher losses by using a custom material with higher dielectric constant.
Dears, I am simulating a kind of coaxial cable at cst MWS using TD and need to know losses in metalic walls and dielectric in all simulated band. I can see these losses in 1D Results/Power/Excitation but it is for just 1 frequency, that frequency specified to H monitors. Does someone know how to obtain (...)
hi I have designed a solar cell using cst Microwave studio , in order to get its efficiency i have cal. the power loss density for that i am getting a problem like "The monitor loss(f=333Thz) is available for dielectric or magnetic losses and will be ignored" and it is not calculating the power loss density .. which is mandatory for my (...)
Hi, It is useful to evaluate the losses. For instance, you can ask whether or not is it worth to try to reduce the losses, and in that case whether in the conductor or in the dielectric. Lossless simulations can give you the answer as they give upper limits to the improvement. Regards Z
For your problem, you need to write epsilon and mu in terms of tangent delta electric and magnetic. (For dielectric and magnetic losses.) You need to also enter conductivity losses, if present. Just look at the freq dependent formulas for complex eps and mu, in an advanced EM book... Off topic: When I was working with metamaterials in (...)

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