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I don't know the version you have, but in older versions you specify the dielectric layers in the basic parameter window. Try to locate basic parameters in the menu. It will open a new window. It normaly shows two layers, a conductor layer and one top layer that is air dielectric up to almost infinity. When you (...)
Every dielectric window in front of the sensor will at least reflect part of the RF. Er and thickness are the main factors. Acrylic is probably better than glass (lower Er), but you should try to reduce the thickness. Many motions sensors are however operating through windows. You didn't describe the problem clearly, is it modified (...)
If ur doing in Layout window ....Go to momentum--->substrate----->create/modify U can define thickness of the conductor /dielectric .... Else in schematic u can select Multilayer substrate..
Can anyone please tell me the approximate dielectric constant and loss tangent of a plain window glass ?
Take a look at your home magnetron and you hopefully understand. You basically need the magnetron power supply, the waveguide and a dielectric window to the water volume. Unfortunately, the magnetron RF generation effiency is limited to about 70 % while a resitive electrical heater achieves 100%.

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