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1)part of net name: N21923609 Connected lines: 2 ( TOP ) Connected shapes: 1 ( TOP ) 2)part of net name: GND Connected lines: 3 ( TOP BOTTOM ) Connected shapes: 2 ( L4-GND1 L9-GND2 ) 3)part of net name: EVDD Connected lines: 1 ( BOTTOM ) Connected shapes: 2 ( TOP L7-PWR2 ) 4)part of (...)
Hi, When i use component havar in cmrf8sf ibm130 technology then i get an error called bad component sub type D(havar) DDo(net1) When i checked the and .sp file then the instances have different order of parameters. How do i fix it?
I think these errors are related to power.U might have given different net name in different places and finally terminated with same gnd or power symbol. Lets take an example if you want to create two grounds one is AGND and and another one DGND simply edit symbol net name and remove the (...)
Hi, i have added some parts and nets in existing schematics (OrCAD 16.5). I have tried to connect the nets from different pages of the same design by creating ports and giving them the same net-name. Now when i run the DRC i have warnings like "port has no matching in pin part instance" and (...)
Hello, i need a net list with net names different than default net name given by Altium Designer (6.0), that in my case is net#####. I can't assign net aliases to all wires and i would like to find a way to change this name in way as much (...)
There too many ARM based mcu based on different cores and made by dozens of companies, which one are you referring to?
hello, i need some help for the generation netlist from Dxdesigner to pads layout. i m working with hierarchical flow using different blocks with internal schematic. i have some problem with the net name in schematic : for example, in the block "POWER" i have a net "3V_Enable", when i create the (...)
Hi, I am somewhat confused about view name and view type in Cadence tool, I assume they are different, but I am not sure I understand the difference, for example, as shown if schematic and layout (and mixedConfig, log
Hi Everybody, I don't know how to add a name to net. I tried but failed . I know about adding pins to net in layout. But , it is different, i don't want it to be "pin" .
Adding pad ring manually is no different from adding any other standard cell manually in your netlist. So in your netlist, add the following line pad1 i_pad1 (.outp (outp), .inp (inp)); // where pad1 the pad cell name, i_pad1 is the instance name, outp is the output net (...)
Looks like you are using Windows XP. Parallel port access in XP is different than Win'98 and I think the programmer's software was written in Win'98 Era.
I am new in this field ,so i am learning the ic5141 while doing the layout I am facing a problem with virtuoso XL it is giving me the error "pin/Label is on a net with different name" when i attach the substrate to the ground in simple invertor ckt
For DECT handset apllication: L-shaped/ helix/ Inverted-F For DECT BS application: PIFA/ Planar patch/ Inverted-F Most of the time, BS will install 2 antenna for different polarization to compensate each other. They are controlled by a switching algorithm "antenna diversity". For HS, only 1 antenna would be employed due to the size constra
Hi people - Is there an option in Calibre LVS verification tool about changing net names...e.g I have 2 different Grounds one is PGND and the other is AGND. Is there a way the I can change it let say making the PGND as AGND or make it lowercase (pgnd) as an option in LVS tool? Cheers
In Astro, you must add all power net (VCC,GND, AGND, AVCC, refer to your standard cell, Power net name are different in different library ) manually. In netlist, there are no power nets.
Hi sir, In my design, the name of power net is VCC and the name of ground net is GND. When I use write_mdb in physical compile, what did I get following message and what physical compile automaticlly use VDD and GND as power and ground net? Thanks. Information: net 'VDD' in cell (...)
DC insert a component named "ripple" which act as a wire, and the net name different at the different side of the ripple which leads to simulation error. Example : ripple n101 ----------------- A How to avoid this case ?
house cats method is fine. You do not need 4 SCH projects to do this and keep record, just 4 netlists. Also you could do this as you can store 4 footprint name per SCH part. So you can generate new netlist any time. From your SCH generate a Protel2 netlist from your project, rename it as and import (...)