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Hi Everyone, I have gone through many voltage mode squaring circuits in literature with differential output but I could not find much about single ended output circuits. Although one can convert differential output to single ended output using opamp but if anyone has any (...)
Can you put two probes on output with very short gnds in differential mode to get a flat line the move Ch1 to Vg highside to get Vgs. I suspect large negative spike on gate from gate draing feedback 250pf? and motor inductance 250uH? Test at 20V Then add 0.05 Ohm drain shunt and measure current using same method. Remove probe tip and use (...)
i am driving a servo motor in step and direction mode. my servo accepts only differential step pulses ( step+ step-). from rasberry pye i am generating square pulse train that is fed to am26ls31 input the output of am26ls31 is differential (rs 485) that is fed to the servo drive. my doubt is rasberry pye operates in 3.3v (...)
Earth ground provides a low impedance common mode shunt to stray noise generated in the differential current of a Supply and return line. When circuits connected to the lab supply have high impedance inputs they become sensitive to this CM noise if they are unbalanced and a CM current creates a CM E-field which when coupled to a single ended input
Friends I m using LM358 in differential mode amplifier for Dc current sensing ,with below details Gain=51, non inverting mode, Vcc =+5V , In some LM 358 i am getting 100mV output volt with any input then i change the IC in the circuit and the other IC LM 358 works fine . I want to know is it IC is faulty or there is any (...)
Hi, I'm trying to detect a voltage imbalance between two points in the circuit. The common voltage would be around 285V and the differential voltage goes up to 95V. I tried to used a three stage current sense configuration using LT1990 same as the one mentioned in this tutorial:
True differential amplifiers are the usual means to drive ADC with defined common mode voltage and increase common mode rejection at the same time.
Hi, I need to sense a differential voltage of 2000mV and the source is very noisy. I think to use a Intrumentation amplifier, but I have two limits. The first is the supply voltage, I have 12V or less and 0V, not negative voltage. And the second one, is that I need to read this voltage with a DSP(3.3V). I though to add a 1.65V offset voltage
Hello guys, I'd like to know what are the main differences between a traditional OTA amplifier and the OTA amplifier on this figure: 109100 (those circuits considering that the differential pair is designed using PMOS. Kind regards.
What are the applications of Folded cascode amplifier..???
Hi everyone ! I would like to know why in the differential mode of the diff amplifier MOS with active current load, the output impedance is looked from the drain and in the common mode of this diff amplifier, the impedance is looked from the source ? I would be very grateful if you can help me ! Regards :)
Increase bias current to bring collector current up and shift average voltage down for same swing to get better symmetry. Yes, increase the current to lower the common mode voltage helps! Thank you! - - - Updated - - - Hi, i can not find CK
Hi, I have a question on differential mode application In diff amp application as in enclosed picture will you please tell me how what will be the Common mode voltage (+/-) seen by the op amp. The applied voltage is 36v 60Hz peak. With respect to op amp gnd(0v) where I will measure this(you can use ref desc) Thanks
Show what you have , schematic, parts, layout, signals, pulse bandwidth. Do U mean crossover distortion range, common mode input range (which you say is Rail-Rail input) or differential input range, which is dependant on gain and output signal?
in my panasonic drive the encoder output is a differential signal A+ A- B+ B- Z+ Z- HOW TO CONVERT differential SIGNAL TO OPEN COLLECTOR output
Hi guys, I want to design a full-differential two-stage OPA. The first stage is telescope cascode structure and the second on is usual common source structure. I want to use switched-capacitor CMFB to make the output common-mode voltage stable. I am wondering now that how many SC-CMFBs I should add in the OPA. One SC-CMFB only for the (...)
This is a simple two stage OTA ... with fully differential output at first stage and single ended at the second stage. Gain will be approx gm^2 (ro || ro)^2 .. assuming the all the ro and gms are same. The MOS arm connected to VB2 is used for CMFB (Common mode Feedback) as the first stage is fully differential. Working of (...)
Related to differential mode filter characteristic, the 3.3 nF capacitor could be replaced by doubled common mode capacitors. The common mode capacitors are essential, because they also absorb common mode switch charge sourced by the ADC input which would otherwise overload the buffer (...)
But when i am doing the simulations its not correcting the offset, its just setting the output common mode voltage. As intended by design... Offset is a differential signal. How should it be affected by common mode feedback?
1. I guess that you wan a fully differential opamp in the end. So you would have to put 2 CS stages for each output of the folded cascode. If you want a single ended output, then have 2CS stages with a common current mirror load. 2. Is your folded cascode NMOS input or PMOS input? What is the output common (...)