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I am trying to design the fully differential opamp. I put all the values according to mathematical calculation and put those values in simulator. After some simulation, some transistors are going to linear again against the calculations. I found a very high value of common mode voltage at output node. I tried all the means to get all MOSFETs (...)
Thanks for the inputs. I have tried the standard differential amplifier on a simulation. 1.5V reference voltage as V2 to the resistor to the inverting pin my varying voltage to the resistor on the non inverting pin. I followed the schematic Here. The "difference" action seems working
I presume you are asking about measurement in simulation? There should be no difference between low frequency output impedance in AC measurement and differential DC impedance. Of course the operation point matters. It would be much easier to rate the 80 GOhm number if you tell the current mirror topology. It might be possible in a (...)
Can any one please help me that for a two port differential rectifier what i am simulating it in ADS.. For the measurement at the output (which is DC voltage) shell i have to use coupler at the input or any other device to provide equal value of RF signal at both input ports. Thanks in advance...
Hello, I am simulating differential pair with current mirror and current source (attached image , top is with current source and bottom with current mirror configuration) and I have confusion regarding operating point. I am following Electronics circuits book by tietze and schenk and there it is described that these configurations cannot be used
Hello, I am testing a MOSFET differential pair with resisitive load and as well as Active (MOS) loads. In DC simulation with resistors as load I can calculate the differential output voltages and Currents but with MOS loads I also want to calculate the differential output (vout1 vout2) (...)
Hello guys, I am very interested in modeling a fully differential opamp with GBW, Gain and SR limitations, to analyze a 2nd-order SDM. I found the following post very helpful in this case: Besides that, the slew-rate is not implemented, and I tried to do it, but had no changes in simulation values. I tried to slew the output current (...)
I designed a 2 stage op-amp, the schematic is as follows (i used a vcvs as the error op-amp for now): 118356 as i wanted to check the stability, * First i plotted the bode plots (both mag & phase of differential output of stage 2) (showing that the DC gain is 40 dB, GBW = 180 MHz & Phase margin = 56 degree) [ATTACH=
What does it mean 1~5V ?? Is it variable ?? Or output level 4Vpp differential? If it's so, 2Vp single ended output is normal...
Hi, For the gain, perform ac simulation, with a voltage value of "1 V" in your input source (if you design is differential, put +0.5 V on one side and -0.5 V on the other side). Then, when simulation is finished, open the calculator and enter the ac voltage of output, you can add 20log if you want this : you have the gain. (...)
Hi, everyone. I have used cadence spectre to measure the frequency of differential ring oscillator, but there is a problem, I set vc to control the output frequency, but the simulation result of both vo is constant(see blow). I hope that someone could solve this problem 105472105473105
Hello everyone! I am trying to model a differential transmission model for my lvds application. I first found out that for visual applications ribbon cable is the one commonly used for small distances upto 0.5m. I looked up the spec, dimensions and dielectric properties of the ribbon cable and modeled it using the strip line model of mtline. For
1.) Input common mode range short v0 and vin+ pin, choose dc analysis and sweep vin- from 0 to vdd.. plot vin- and v0 2.) output resistance connect vdc from analoglib at v0 pin, choose dc analysis and sweep vdc form 0 to vdd, plot v0 and I(vo) from that calculate R 3.) differential gain connect vdc and give ac magnitude
Hi everyone, I'm trying to size the miller cap for a fully differential OpAmp. Without the miller cap, the phase is around -230 at 0dB (open loop, differential output). I guess, the OpAmp is not stable, but I try to run some simulations and I'm not able to see it oscillating! Anyway, I'm just wondering what should be (...)
in gm-c bandpass filter (such as bpf-gm-c.jpg), how to simulate the transconductance of OTA, just as gm-curve.jpg (output current vs differential input voltage)? i mean that, how to get the output current of OTA in dc analysis (is it the current difference of pmos and nmos of OTA output stage)? besides, for a vdd=3V (...)
When i run LNA simulation, after finished , In output log, i found "No DC path from node XXX to ground ". and "error" displays next to the balun port. In ADE, i run sp and dc simulation in sequence. i don't know why this happend. this LNA has a differential CG stage, i directly couple the balun (...)
- The output voltage of the bridge rectifier is the voltage across C1. It's not measured in your simulation circuit at all. PSpice has a voltage differential marker for this purpose. - Alternatively, you can change the circuit ground from transformer star point to output V-. - Without a load, the (...)
- VDD=1.8 V Single supply - differential output Swing = 2.5 V p-p Unless there's such a thing as an op amp containing its own DC converter, the second line will not be possible to achieve.
Most probably you are experiencing slew rate limitation in the amplifier. This would explain why you see reduction in the output amplitudes when you increase the input. Do you see distortion in the output sine wave? Check the current in the input differential transistors and see if at the peaks of the input signal one of the (...)
Hi, Can any one tell me how to simulate the differential charge pump noise? From this forum, I know how to get the single output charge pump current. But how to get the differential output noise. Thanks.