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Since the sensor ground is connected to the DAQ ground, then you can connect the minus differential input to the sensor ground also (if i understand your question correctly). But for lowest noise you want to connect the minus differential input as close to the sensor signal ground point as possible.
Hi, Here is my question of a analog comparator with its input differential pair of different single width but of the same total width (different fingers). And there is no symmetry of the differential pair on the layout. so why does it happen? I am learning this circuit from an experienced designer. Please anyone be (...)
Hi All, I am designing an amplifier for extra-cellular neural recording. The input is given to a OSFET differential pair (M1 and M2 - input transistors). All the materials above the gate-oxide of the OSFET sensor is removed and exposed to the buffer solution where the neuron is kept. The gate voltage is set by using an electrode immersed in the
Hi, I have this type of circuit to analyze: 93190 1) What is the kind of topology of this circuit? because it is similar to a OTA fully diff but there are 2 differential pairs(M7-M8 and M1-M2), one with Vo and another with differential and common input 2) What is the differential gain Ad? if you have any link with ex
hi matrix, USB has differential pair more detail check and
I want to calculate linear range of a simple mos differential pair with hspice. this is my netlist: Vdc1 1 6 0 vcm 6 0 3 VCC 11 0 DC 5 VDD 12 0 DC -5 M1 3 1 5 5 NMOS1 w=10u l=.1u M2 4 6 5 5 NMOS1 w=10u l=.1u RC1 11 3 1k RC2 11 4 1k RE 5 12 7.2K .MODEL NMOS1 Nmos level=2 .print dc id(m1) id(m2) .dc
Hi, how to calculate the trace width for 80 meter distance transmission line. I am using rs 485 ic, and we split the pcb and join it using board to board connector. Single pcb length is 560mm, total length is 80 meter. Shall i route differential pair routing for AB line.
Hi All, In my design I have assigned 82 differential pairs. Each signal should be match with their differential signal. So I need to manual report for each pair. Let me know any high speed rule setting for 1 mil DRC length tolerance or any script can we run for this. If so, kindly reply me. Thanks, Archu
Without access to your book, I would guess that the discussion concerns noise cancellation in differential pairs. Regardless of whether noise is random, correlated or whatever, if the same signal is impressed on both lines of a differential pair, the noise will be cancelled by the action of the differential (...)
For the Circuit shown in figure 1 it is required to know the minimum allowable output fig 2 it is the instructor solution for it as there
Hi i'm designing differential pair with active load. Yellow curve is pulse input of differential amplifier. Blue curve is output at drain of M49. As you can see in the blue curve, rising edge is very fast but falling edge is quiet weird. at first voltage falls slowly and then falls exponentially. if that's because of slew (...)
hi.I am a beginner and I need to design unipolar c-mos op amp with 5 volts supply and i have no idea how to start :(.I know op amp have i/p stage having differential pair and common source as output stage for low Ro, also transistors used in design must be original transistor like (for eg 2n7000 ) so what should be the currents and values of resist
Hello All, In my design i am using differential pair and i have set all the rules required for the differential pair routing like clearance, matched net lengths, differential pair routing and differential width. Everything is working fine but matched net length rule is (...)
Hi Friends, I need to know how to do differential pair arc routing in PADS Router version 9.4? Regards, R.Rajesh Kanna
Hi I am designing a current steering DAC in which a current cell constitutes of a current source, cascode and differential pair. Digital input comes to the differential pair which causes the current to be channeled through either of the branches. At the moment the input of the differential (...)
I'm trying to figure out how to make a rule in Altium that specifies the clearance between any differential pair line and any polygon plane. I want to set the 20 mil space between trace edge and plane edge specified for PCI-E signals. The problem is that I can't figure out how to make a query that only targets differential (...)
Greetings Reader, I am simulating an amplifier (A simple one) The amp is merely a differential pair with a tail current source and resistive load. differential Input differential output. I placed 2 ports at the Gates of the pair - each of them having first and second sinusoid amplitude set to pin in (...)
differential pair need continuous reference plane ? if you answer with explanation it will be very helpful for me to understand. thanks in advance
Additional, one important question, in your OP (the triangle symbol) is that just a differential pair, thus a single stage? I only bring this up because diagram (1) is a two stage when including the output stage (all like Rakshitdatta) the minus terminal should be swapped. You have positive feedback now. And in diagram (2) you have a three stage