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Is there a autoroute function for differential traces on CADSTAR?
Perhaps if the two halves of the differential pair are identical. What is the circuit?
Hi, I am trying to use "Interactive Diff length tunning" feature of Altium Designer 10 But as soon as I select the option from tools > Interactive Diff length tunning, and click the differential net that i want to length tune, i immediately get an error message that says: " This primitive is not coupled within the max range: 10mils of dif
I read an article about parallel differential pair(85020). This is desired output(85023). I wanted to simulate this circuit with hspice but I didn't receive good result. this is my program in hspice: ------------------------------ Multi differential AMPLIFIER .option post M1a 1 v1 4 4 nch w=10u
I don't see CA3080 related to current mode amplifiers. It's a basic bipolar OTA, exposing a differential pair with respective low input resistance. Implementing a basic OTA in CMOS gives similar behaviour with high input resistance.
Hi!, We have just designed a 2 stage OTA with a cascoded differential pair as the first stage and a common source amplifier as the second stage. The gain is 59.3dB and we need to measure the slew rate. Can anyone please tell me how to go about measuring the slew rate? The method that we were using is to supply a 1Vpp pulse at the input and us
Hi, i've designed a CMOS folded cascode opamp to have a SLEW rate of 150 V/us (Iss of the differential pair is 30 uA and CL = 200 fF) in unity gain configuration. I found that ICL is about 1 mA.I saw current in the differential pair is unbalanced in one branch only for a very quick time so the capacitor can't charge like i (...)
You have ben asking about output swing, not linear range of the transfer characteristic. The latter is already limited by the differential pair input stage,
If you manage to realize differential transmission lines (PCB differential pairs, twisted pair cable) with about 100 ohms impedance, there's effectively no limitation.
Changing XM1 and XM2 will alter the bias conditions and also reduce the gain from the differential input to the single ended output of the basic diffamp which is not desirable for any comparator. XM3 and XM4 act as the active current source load for the basic diffamp. And also, the current mirroring configuration of XM3 and XM4 will increase the si
Software guy trying to play with HW... I have a pair of inputs, on which I would like to measure a differential voltage with a microcontroller. If there is no voltage present, I would like to measure any resistance between the two inputs. Parameters: - Input voltage can be 0-100V DC, any polarity - Supply voltage is a single 3.3V - Batter
Hi, One can use digital control on regulating the bias current by using parallel current sources. Basic comparator to compare the input signal, compare with reference and turn on/off the biasing legs. One can also add/remove the input differential pair, like one does to get rail to rail input range. However this will add non-linearity into the
Hello, the 2n5911 is a matched pair of FETs. I need a discrete equivalent of this, to use in a differential amplifier.
Hello, I try to route in Allegro Studio v15.1 some differential pairs. I found several information on the net but it seems that I do not find the correct menu entries. I guess that my version of Allegro is out of date. Can you tell me: - Is this version (v15.1) of Allegro able to handle differential Signals? - Is there a (pictured) (...)
Hello, I have designed a low side current sense amplifier. Since there are high currents in the circuit, differential current sensing is preferred to avoid common mode noise. However, the circuit I designed does not attenuate common mode signals as I would expect. Since high speed is needed for short-circuit detection the step response of the ci
hi can you give the steps to find the aspect ratio of the basic differential amplifier having pmos load pair and inputs given to the nmos pair
Generally use twisted pair differential input to read from noisy circuits to avoid ground noise issues and provide some shunting of stray common mode noise with differential amp with good CMMR at interference rise times. (high G-BW product) signals with high impedance are prone to ingress more than low impedance or coax fed inputs or (...)
Hi, as I understand it, the common source node in a differential pair can be used as a very simple rectifier. However, the amplitude is extremely low. Are there any other popular alternatives to achieving a high gain rectifier? Thanks.
Hi i have a doubt in designing differential amplifier, generally we will be designing the W/L ratio of diff amplifier in large, what is the reason behind this.... what happens if we increase the length in pmos diff amplifier?
Hi, pls anyone help me how to increase ICMR for fully differential telescopic opamp(PMOS differential pair). i got the range from 742.8mv to 973.7mv.