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Google "orcad layout differential pair" to find videos etc. for that. ONe link suggests that it may not do it. However it depends upon what version PCB program you are using I think, what does the help in that program say?
Dear Sir, I always meet SMPS surge failure during surge test including differential mode(2.2KVac) and common mode(4.4KVac). Could you advise the surge current's route in the SMPS including differential mode and common mode for instance in flyback? it is helpful to find out the causes to solve the issues. Thanks!
Hi,everyone: These days,i am in trouble with differential tracks in follows,how to route the any angle differential tracks quickly?Keeping the gap between differential tracks is really hard to me in any angle condition.So,is there anyone than can help me.Thanks a million. I really appreciate it. 13021
I am a bit lost about how to establish the parameters to establish differential pair routing. I am currently trying to route several differential pair and I am a bit new to this. I have searched online some tutorial but I don't find any really explaining **easily and out of the theory** with sipmple succession of steps about how to do it (...)
Hi everyone, In my design, I have some special pairs of wires. The two signals in each pair should be totally matching with each other, having the same transmission delay like "differential signals". Is there any commands that I could use as timing constraint or routing options in Encounter? Thanks
Hi every one, In Ethernet protocol routing, where differential pair signal should be routing either top layer or bottom layer? What is the guidelines of Ethernet protocol signals.
Not sure what your question is. Are you asking how to route differential pairs?
Hi, how to calculate the trace width for 80 meter distance transmission line. I am using rs 485 ic, and we split the pcb and join it using board to board connector. Single pcb length is 560mm, total length is 80 meter. Shall i route differential pair routing for AB line.
Apart from it's DC bias function, the ethernet magnetics mainly provides common mode isolation. Both sides are 100 ohms differential transmission lines. Impedance matching wise, the magnetics are almost transparent. There are two simple conclusions: - the on-board part should be good 100 ohm matched differential pairs. The overall losses aren't
Is there a autoroute function for differential traces on CADSTAR?
Hello, I am interested in how to find a good way to route differential pairs in the internal layers. This normally is a good idea except the fact now you have 2 reference planes, in which most tools can not calculate this b/c they are not set up to. Example is using the Saturn PCB toolkit to calculate differential pair calculations. It (...)
Wire can be routed over poly gate of digital circuit. However, for sensitive analog circuit, specially for differential input pairs, it is inhibited.
Hi Everyone, Are there any design constraints to route differential signals in ORCAD?Please some one help. Regards DB
While trying to create differential pair of signals using route flip chip signal ,I fill the advanced options form and in that I select "Named" nets under that.But when I enter the nae of the name of the nets,it says cannot find "those particular" nets in design.then **No net has been selected.Could someone help me with this?
Hi, How to route the speaker interface signal in PCB.Whether i have to route as differential pair or i can go with ordinary signal routing(Signals named as +ve and -ve). help me to do better Regards Rajan.K
hi the differential pair routing will help in cancelling out noise impact. so, even if it is analog signal we can use differential pair. i.e., the reason why we usually route the inputs of an op-amp as differential pair. hope this info. helps Regards
I did layout for ethernet.....Consider the signals as differential pairs and route the signals as per the imp., u default 5 mils trace width and 10 mils spacing and terminate at the destination.Better route the high frequency signals on the inner layer and provide the proper reference plane to maintain the imp., Regards Rajan.K
For 10 MBit, it should be sufficient to route the traces adjacent with default signal trace width and default trace-to-trace clearance. That's also, what an autorouter does without additional parameters supplied for a differential pair. For higher signal frequencies, it's meaningful to adjust width and/or gap to achieve a 100 ohm (...)
Yes You can route differential signalsin altium. there is DRC set where you have to define DP and then you can route them
Hi all, In Allegro, we can calculate the differential impedance using differential Impedance calculator and give constraints and route them. But is there anyway to confirm that, these differential signals are now having the required impedance after routing the traces. pls help sandhya
Hi all, Some times when i use blaze router for differential pair it doesen't allow me to route as a allows only as a single ended traces. THis will happend only for few nets.Eventhough I assigned them as differential pair nets i couldn't able to take as a pair. Regards, Monolisa
Hi I am trying to route some differential pair signals using the tools in Altium Designer. However when I start to route the tracks a message comes up saying there are rule errors on all layers and will not let me route the tracks. How do I find out where these violations are in the design? Thanks Jon
Hi, I have a few queries regarding differential pairs: 1- In differential pairs,we need to route the nets parallel.Since we can not route the nets 100% differential i.e.we can not make route 100% parallel due to the placement and pin gaps of the question is the minimum % (...)
connector vendor will specify how far back from pcb. or Mechanical designer will specify. route as differential traces at matched length.
First you have to assign the not nets or xnets as differential pairs. Specify clearly the trace length & track to track spacing. In case you are not able to get this. try to run the pairs to be routed parallel from source to destinatio (this mentod is not recomended.)
Can you please tell me how to route the differential pairs in ANY ANGLE in Expedition PCB?
By default the length of any interconenct on a pcb should be as short as possible. route the differential signals close to one another and match their length with least tolerance possible. There is no specific standard for the length of differential signals used on back planes.
1)How to perform the group routing,because my PCB work contains so many buses,I want to route these buses as same length as possible. 2)My PCB contains many differential lines,how to route these differential lines in the same length? I kown that there is a setting in PowerPCB to set the differential (...)
He swears by a Cadence product that lets him manually simultaneously route the two differential lines with automatic spacing between them and equal lengths. Actually, in Mentor Graphics (formerly Innoveda) PowerPCB also have this option (High Speed Design) in thier package. very useful especially during manual routing wi