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Hi, Anyone knows, how to calculate RMS Phase and Amplitude Errors for 4-bit digital Attenuator? If someone knows kindly help me in this. Thanks in advance. Moin
I presume you understand that most of the filtering of this Delta-Sigma DAC is done in the digital domain by an oversdampling digital filter. According to datasheet, I would assume that the output filter is not required because the DAC already includes an analog output filter to remove sampling residuals. There's no (...)
According to datasheet specifications, a 5V supplied cd40xx can reliably drive one LS input. I won't expect to get meaningful fan-out/fan-in simulation from Proteus. Like other SPICE based simulators, it uses a mixed-signal mode and doesn't fully model the analog properties of digital gates. There's also a large gap between the worst c
The observed charge injection is described as crosstalk between digital input and switch in the datasheet. Your circuit is generating maximal crosstalk because you bias the switch DC level near to ground instead of half supply. All crosstalk specification are referring to the advantageous symmetrical bias situation, so we can just say that crosstal
@eTechs, @hexreader: Do not forget to set ANSEL (and TRISIO) accordingly (zero if no analog input, or ... look at the datasheet). @eTechs: If you want four digital outputs then only one analog input is possible since GP3 is only a digital input (or MRCLR). Config: INTOSCIO, WDT OFF, others as usual
Hello everyone. I have a digital to analog convertor DAC0800 that requires parallel input bits.. In the data sheet, according to my package, it shows me the following circuitry to get it working.. 105642 The following is my system, where i have connected it in exact same manner as data sheet says will all voltages corre
I am having difficulties with having both analog input and digital output on the same port on PIC16F88. On PIC16F88, PORTA is bidirectional I/O pins can be used for both analog inputs or digital inputs. I would like to have; RA1/AN1 as analog input and RA0/AN0 as digital output which will (...)
it will form the control voltage for a led driver ic...the ref actually gets fed to a digital pot which divides it down as required. so we have variable output current.
Hi edaboard, I am looking at RF ADCs; the trouble is, I am a digital type with an appreciation for analog. I am looking at the datasheet for an Intersil KAD5512P-25 ADC. They provide several specifications on SFDR and SNR as a function of analog input frequency. How
The information you seek is fairly well covered in the following: Reference:PIC18F2455/2550/4455/4550 datasheet, Section: 21.0 10-BIT analog-TO-digital CONVERTER (A/D) MODULE, Page: 265 The ADC Module and its specifics can vary widely depend on the specific model PIC, therefo
The PIC ADC input impedance is 10K. No. What is RL for? (connected from the sensor's output to ground). You are showing a connection diagram for a digital sensor. There's no load resistor required for the analog type.
Hi, I need to measure analog input value of MCP3221, and show it on display. (with microcontroller) but i dont know how i will know the analog input from its digital output. maybe anyone has experience with it, page 13 of at datasheet should be related with this question. thanks
Hello i trying to make oscilloscope using lpc 2148.. 1)what would be the maximum 'digital signal' frequency i can apply at the inputs of lpc 2148 for proper processing? 2)As said in datasheet, for 10 bit ADC max sampling rate is 400 kSPS so what sampling rate should i take for proper regeneration of input 'analog signals' on display? (...)
The Atmel ATmega series offers a maximum sample rate of 15kSPS at a resolution of 10 bits. Reference: ATmega32(L) datasheet, Section: analog to digital Converter, Page: 201 ? 10-bit Resolution ? 0.5 LSB Integral Non-linearity ? ?2 LSB Absolute Accuracy ? 13 μs - 260 μs
It means that PC0 to PC3 output drivers and positive clamping diodes are connected to AVCC rather than VCC. Review the respective comments in the ADC chapter of the datasheet. The difference matters if you have a filtered AVCC supply in your design and have a PC0 to PC3 pin switching as digital output while a conversion is in progress.
The given value of R is 10 K and C is 150 pf in datasheet of ADC0804. Is it necessary to use these values. In this case the analog to digital conversion time is 110uf. Is this time also fix. If yes then i achieve this time by using different values of R & C. for example R = 150 ohm & C = .01 uf. can I use different values of R and C. (...)
I am practicing with TLC548 analog to digital converter. First I wanted to simulate in proteus. But it doesn't work. I take sine wave as analog in, Ref+=5V,Ref-=-5V. internal clock 4MHz, CS= ground. No output found. What's wrong ?
Hi, The registers ANSEL and ANSELH are implemented in the PIC16F887, and not in the PIC18F4520. These registers configure if the IO pins work as analog or digital. PIC18F4520 uses another way to configure it - ADCON registers. You need to see the device datasheet to configure the right registers.
Read the datasheet of that particular microcontroller. analog voltage supply will at least need proper decoupling to minimize noise. Voltage levels can be different for analog and digital (downto 1.2V in some cases). Only the datasheet can tell you how to connect.
What is injection current in the context of an analog to digital Converter? I read this post , but nobody was sure what it is exactly. For example in my ADC datasheet it says that I have a maximum error of 2 LSB (plus, minus) without current injection and 3 LSB with current injection and I'm not sure