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LCD doesn't display the time! command to display variable in lcd? // LCD module connections sbit LCD_RS at RD2_bit; sbit LCD_EN at RD3_bit; sbit LCD_D4 at RD4_bit; sbit LCD_D5 at RD5_bit; sbit LCD_D6 at RD6_bit; sbit LCD_D7 at RD7_bit; sbit LCD_RS_Direction at TRISD2_bit; sbit LCD_EN_Direction
I see a way to make it possible with a bit of adapting, but my answer is still theoretical: Some basic digital alarm clocks use a "divide by 60" counter to convert the 60Hz wall signal (in Canada/US) to a 1Hz signal to count seconds. It's a crude design since the frequency may be 57Hz or 63Hz, but oddly it averages to 60Hz pretty well. So if you
have a look at I think you need to use digital IO pins and do you own software to drive the clock and data using timer interrupts
Help me to build a (PIC or AVR), 24 hours , 6 digits countdown digital clock and 1 alarm set. I can not find any solution on the internet. Thanks.
I need hellp am trying digital clock using pic 16f877a interfaceing with rtc 1305 and seven segment leds please give source commend and how to flash pic using in circuit serial programing,......................
Can be hardly solved without a complex digital circuit, involving a clock generator, a pulse width measuring counter, a programmable timer to reproduce the period, a sequence controller.
Working on this below program, but what I need help with is the part of the code the have it displayed on the FOX11/MC68HC11 LCD. What type of algorithm do I need to have the display/show the actual clock? Is it another timer subroutine or is it a display subroutine.. need some instructions or guidance to put me in the right direction to finish my
Flickering is obvious... Proteus cannot simulate the circuit in real time... Check the timer in the below which runs when you start simulating. As you may know, 7 segment works with multiplexing, i.e., fast on-off to refresh the digits. These are impossible to catch by human eye, but proteus shows that very slowly. So you are seeing these flickerin
Write 5 applications using timer1 1. Asynchronous clock Mode (read AN580) 2. Counter 3. Control the operation of electrical devices based on a programmed schedule (Simplest application is LED Blinking) 4. Delay (timer Based) 5. digital clock Write 5 applications using timer 2 1. Color (...)
Hi, I am doing a digital timer using AT89C4051 and DS1307 RTC. Time is displayed on 16x2 LCD. I have enabled 1 HZ square wave output and updating the time on LCD every rising edge. The problem i am facing is the RTC time is not accurate. For every 24 hours i observed a delay of 2 minutes. I have assembled two other boards and checked, I have
Hello. I pretty new to digital world and i am trying to syncronize two clock that igenerated with 555 timer. 1 is 25hz 50% duty cicle and second is 1.6 m on 200u i tried to enter each one of them to d flip lop and i have enterd 50 khz from pulse generator to clk of d flip lop . All this did not worked any suggestments???? Thx.
Hi all, Firstly, i am new to this forum. Kindly forgive me if i am posting this in wrong thread or if anybody has already asked and answered. Currently i am trying to work on my digital circuit project. In my circuit i have 555 timer, and some other basic digital ic chips, eg gates, shift register, counter, and comp
Dear All The ADC module is working while The device in the SLEEP mode. As I know in the SLEEP mode the Fosc is stopped. so my question is, how ADC module will functioning while Fosc is stopped. this is reference to MCU16f877a please advice
use a timer interrupt(set it at 5) for 12hrs.. it will simply flip the previous state..if it was on at 5am then it will gt switched off at 5pm..and so on.. or u may use real time clock and then then check the data and make the further program .... I agree with beyondH. In your case wanditea
can any one plz help me to make a 7 segment digital clock using at 555 timer Schematic diagram and Layout also
Hi everyone. I'm trying to determine the frequency of a incoming signal at roughly 7KHz. This signal is correctly identified using a scope and is at correct logic levels. I am using the 16bit Tachometer digital block which adds a second interrupt. It is basically a 16 bit timer with the added interrupt. I have a 1MHz input clock which (...)
have a look at the PIc16F877a data sheet PIC16F877A it will indicate what the digital IO pins are also used for. I have never used microbasic so have no idea what devices it initialises - do you have a manual for it?
help me for this project digital clock using 8051 at89s8253, the possibility of changing digit with switches OR using Terminal-RS232 port, assembler code and 7-segment display NOT LCD Assembler language
hello everyone. I need some help regarding on our source which is compiled for our project. Our project supposed to be is a digital clock with stopwatch(with reset, and stop), and a countdown timer but we only built a digital clock. We used 4 buttons for setting time (hold, hours, minutes, and (...)
hiii i am trying to build a digital clock using 7-segment display can any one please help me... i am having 16f877a,16f628a and also 18f2550 so i am trying to use any of the pic with 555 timer ic can any one help please i have one but its using very large 7 segment display what i need is a simpler one