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I completed the digital clock project using stm8s003F3 and pcf85163, when i give power from regulated power supply clock working fine but giving power from adopter that time clock running slowly. i tried many adopter same problem in all adopter, any one please help me to solve this problem ,,,,,
I need hellp am trying digital clock using pic 16f877a interfaceing with rtc 1305 and seven segment leds please give source commend and how to flash pic using in circuit serial programing,......................
AT89C52 Basic digital clock using rtc DS1307
Hi I am using DS1390 for making a digital clock, at quick glance it looks good but during a month I understand that my circuit calculate time faster than real ! I put here my codes could you please somebody check them #define rtc_chip_select portc.f0 char* text; char txt; unsigned char (...)
Hi, I am doing a digital Timer using AT89C4051 and DS1307 rtc. Time is displayed on 16x2 LCD. I have enabled 1 HZ square wave output and updating the time on LCD every rising edge. The problem i am facing is the rtc time is not accurate. For every 24 hours i observed a delay of 2 minutes. I have assembled two other (...)
Searching on google will give you loads of helpful links:
Dear All; I need 8051 mikroC code for digital clock. Kindly help me in this regard. I shall be greatful. thanks Tanvir
Hi friends, I am doing a digital clock using rtc DS1307 and 89C4051 micro controller. Time is displayed on LCD and different alarms can be set through 3 switches. I have written the following code for updating rtc registers first time. Only minutes code is shown //Minutes min++; (...)
Hi guys, here is a simple project I have done in 89s52 IC of 8051 series. Making a digital clock. Components required: 1 microcontroller 89C52(89S52 will also do) 2 ceramic capacitors-22pF 1 switch(button for reset purpose) 1 electrolytic capacitor-10uF,25V 1 crystal oscillator-11.0592MHz 16x2 LCD display 1 resistor-10k Software you
First read I2C protocol and datasheet of PIC16F877 its all about there then after understanding the concept of I2C it will become easy for you to write codes for digital clock. For a short time you can use I2C libraries also which has fully working codes. Interfacing is quite easy see the link.
Hello Please can anyone help me with suggestions, ideas, sample codes or links on how to complete this my project. I want to design a DS1302 rtc based digital clock using PIC16F887 and 7-segment display. I have designed the circuit and the code using CCS C Compiler. The clock is working but (...)
see makri
sir i m trying to make a digital clock with rtc(ds1307) ,but i am getting a problem to throw on seven segment. i have tried to make this code in c and i get easily in lcd ,but i am unable to throw same value on seven segment. plz if some one help me how can i throw value in sevensegment how is your circuit conn
This will be a good starting point: 8051 Projects digital clock using DS1307 Source Code in C Rgds, IanP
how to implement a digital clock using keil ' C' thanks in advance.....
Hi everyone, I have to do subject project with LCD monitoring. This Adjustable digital clock project must contain a 8051 microcontroler, and LCD and a keyboard. Please let me have assembly code for this project. I really need your help as I'm not familiar with 8051 programing. looking forward to hear from you masters.
Hi, I am making a digital clock using the 8051 micro and the DS12887 rtc chip. I want to know how to turn off the daily alarm. As it happens, there would be *some* value within the alarms registers. That would cause the alarm to go off at that point of time, once a day. Even 0x00 would be valid in this case. In order to (...)
I want the circuit and the program in basic for the digitalclock using the rtc(DS1307)
I want the circuit and the program in basic for the digitalclock using the rtc(DS1307)
Google. Research how digital clocks work. Look for digital watch circuits and datasheets for rtc chips. When you know how a hardware digital clock works you can look at how to simulate one in software.
Dear all, I would like to make a digital clock on atmel 2051 using rtc (Philips) along with LM-35 to show the temperature as well as clock time. But the ciruit should be simple. If any person could help in this regards. regards.
In digital system, all data is 0 or 1. Where is the source for seed of the random number generator? We have tried using meta-stable to generate the seed. You also can use rtc (real time clock) input, since each time the time input will be different. For asic without rtc, you can think about other idea (...)
For 5V supplay and external 3V battery I using M41T56 (M41T00) . For 3.3V supplay and external 3V battery M41T11. It need only external 32.768KHz crystal (no external trimming caps) and it contains digital software clock calibration.