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My simulation is to make a video stream from webcam through "digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial". I use dvbt simulink model from matlab (< Click To see>). i use from video device block to make my webcam can connected to simulink, then i reshaping it un
i want to some synopsis about Optical or Signal processing.... So plz help me to do........
Hi All! A am a newbie in Simulink & Matlab programming, but I need to implement QAM64 modem in FPGA. The task is - do digital mixind I&Q channels in transmitter for sending it to DAC, then separate its in receiver after ADC. I found the HDL optimized model
Hi all, I am doing the final project of my career of telecomunications, and I need demodulate and if is posible modulate a digital video signal from/to the standar dvb-t. I am trying do this searching libraries in simulink (Matlab) and I have started to work with this demo:
hello , For my course work i have to select one course among digital communication networks and speech signal processing but i am very confused which one to take. AS my final year project/ thesis will depend on the courses taken in this semester. So please help me out. Speech Signal Processing is a good choice
Which Hardware experiment I can do on real time using my PC/Laptop for digital comm
How to introduce interference in energy detection of signals for CR reference ?
MSK is pretty straightforward using matlab: MSK. You can also develop the code since it is a simple multiplication of sines and cosines to the data to create continuity. The details of which, can be found in most digital comm books e.g., proakis, sklar, mk simon, haykin. All
I have a question thats been puzzling me for a long time now and would appreciate if the digi comm guru's would enlighten me with your knowledge. If you read Bernald Sklar digital comm textbook the block diagram of the digi comm system is shown in each chapter. My question is about the bandpass modulation block coming (...)
Hi all good day to u, Currently I'm doing a project in digital communication subject. I'm facing a problem to convert sound data to binary representation. This data is going to be use for modulation and demodulation purposes. Anyone out there can help me on this problem. Looking forward to learn from u guys advice. Appreciate that. Thanks ;)
i am 3rd year student of electronics and communication.Can any buddy please give me a simple Mini project with the help of hardware and simulation tools on digital communition. i have no idea on this subject(digital communication) so please give me a simple but good project...
Analog comm, digital comm are important along with Mobile comm and Microwave LOS comm. If you are interested in the design part, Signal Processing, Random Processes are subjects you should be good at as well
I have several digital signals from a microchip into a CCD chip. The signals coming out of the microchip is very noisy. What is the best way to reduce the noise/glitches? The noise is small compare to the logic level, but might add some noise to the CCD output. If the best way is to use a buffer, is there any difference between a common bus bu
Hi everyone, I am comm system guy, I have no good background in digital design, so I need your help. I have a project to design a transceiver , so I did most of the algorithms using MATLAB and need to go toward the HDL . So I need an easy way to do that, that is suitable to me . I heard that simulink is good for this task, and here are my questi
I have started studying after a long time. i am following book of SKLAR of digital comm. Can any body explain me that how can a judge a signal by seeing its function that it is ebergy signal or power signal. I am attaching three questions. Kindly explain me in detail their integration as well [i
Transmission may be for both types analog and digital. In analog transmission, the data is analog. In digital transmission, the data is digital and processing is digital as well.
Hello all... How to move to go to the digital communciation & fpga field ( hdl - verilog ) . could any body please send me info to get into the field. and also i know something abt gsm and wimax and a litttle bit. can i do a very small project on these alone at home. if so can u tell me where i get some projects in this field. thank u all
Hi, do u mean bipolar and uni polar encoding in digital communication?
Guys, this is my own collection of Wireless comm/DSP books, put in 4shared: A long list of digital Signal processing books: Designing a Wireless Network E Book pdf digital communications by John Proakis pdf digital Satellite communications 2nd Ed book pdf Electronics (...)
Actually many books are available, few i can recommend 1. 2. 3. probably these books availble for
1)advance digital system which include fgpa design 2)machine vision or image processing 3) digital signal processing 4) microprocessor and microcontroller 5) intelligent system (neural network n fuzzy)
I think this is the following book : digital communication Receivers: Synchronization, Channel Estimation, and Signal Processing (Hardcover) by Heinrich Meyr (Author), Marc Moeneclaey (Author), Stefan A. Fechtel (Author) Hardcover: 864 pages Publisher: Wiley-Interscience (October 20, 1997) Language: English ISBN-10: 0471502758 ISBN-
anything relating to digital comm such as gps, wireless. It must be new for a PhD dissertation
Dear wajahat, The book name is :digital commUNICATION RECEIVERS Synchronization, Channel Estimation,And Signal Processing Author: Heinrich Meyr, Marc Moeneclaey, Stefan A. Fechtel
Plz if any one could reply & help me about a matlab code for the digital communication BPSK QPSK 16 QAM just help me give me ideas or hints something like that
qpsk.....wat u do in this is, u use the phase as also a form to represent signal rather than just the magnitude as in the case of dpsk, etc..... for better understandin...go through some basic digital comm books....simon haykins,etc...
so please suggest me a good theisis topic
hello: can any one guide me in choosing my semester project for analog and digital comm systems. it can any thing like AM,FM etc. i will require to implement this practically therefore i will also require the cct diagrams. thanks.
FDMA is basically Analog technology and the oldst one. TDMA is digital and being used in GSM. CDMA is newest of all, whre all users are allocated a distinct code. Added after 2 minutes: For easy and basic understanding I will recommend " Data comm and Networking" by Behrouz Forouzan
Quite strange that there is video for both analog and digital design, however, there is no system level course. Why?
Documentation of Matlab toolboxes can be a good help. There are various toolboxes in Matlab that you can be useful for you like signal processing toolbox,fixed point toolbox,digital filter design toolbox, and others.
What's the good book for study synthronization in digital communications? Thank you!
Does anyone have solution of Haykin and Moher?
WCDMA,TD-SCDMA,3G, 4G, more and more fancy comm technologies are blooming, really make people exciting. However, they seemed to me like mathematical models or digital communication models(all kinds of algorithms) everytime when I tried to read something to understand them, which always made me feel frustrated :cry: Cannot see any (...)
is all wireless communications a line of sight communication? is there any exception? does it apply for both analog and digital. thanks
Should I take digital communication or Computer Network communication? I don't know what is better. Thank you
hi all; can any one help by giving me any code(C++ or Matlab) for the whole digital comm. system simulation(any type) coz it is required from me to do simulation project and at the same time am a bit confused about this topic. thnx
The sinc functions (sin(x)/x) is important in digital comm. The Sinc function is the weighted frequency values that produce a Square wave (in the Time domain. Look at the Fourier transform pair. Hope this helps
I'm new in this subject. My prof assigned me to write a report to point out some roles of DSP (digital Signal Processing) in digital communication system. I need your help, esp. experts who has experienced in this domain, to recommend me some roles Thank you in advance!
Is anyone refering to the book "Introduction to Analog and digital communicatios" by Simon Haykin. ? I have a query regarding a question in this book?. Magnetra
AWR VSS since it allows real (baseband), digital, and most of all complex envelope representation of signals. In addition to comm links I have done PLL, AGC, and other circuits. It can also link to Matlab.
Hi In simple digital modulations, BER is a function (relatively : erfc(x)) of Eb/N0. (look in dig. comm. books). in matlab search the keyword : "erfc phase shift". hope to be helpful.
Hi, I am looking for an entery level digital scope i have found the Tektronic TDS1002 to be very reasonable in price and features. I have herd it is a bit sloppy and slow, is this true? can anybody give me some pros and cons? or any other good digital scops in this price range thanks for the help Steve
Any book in digital communication will have a chapter on spread spectrum. M. B. Pursely's boook is also very good. Proakis's digital comm book is there.
Ive designed a small RF digital comm module with Nodic NRF401, it works perfect. here're the design files. I have a very good book "RF Circuit design", but it's for HAM, I don't know whether it will fulfil you requirement. I'll check who is the author later. mike
Hi bjerkely Most of the now a day communications is digital but in all book about digital comm youwill find the analog part describing the analog aspects of the communication. Which coomunication are you interested in: RF, Broadband, Wire ? elvis
Hi everyone, does someone know manufacturers of optical components (transmitter, receiver, ...) for ANALOG communications. There so many components for digital comm that i can't find one for analog com. Thanx in advance Ghost
when designing a digital comm system, i'd like to use fixed-point computations through all the data paths rath than double, whick is default in Vissim. But i found it not very convenient to constraint the blocks to some specified fixed-point precision. Are there any easy ways to do that? Thanks anyway.
does anyone know any links to download pdf for various topics on digital communications? Not a PDF, but a good book: Principles of communication systems by Taub Shilling A lot of theory to just about every topic. Properties of various comm channels, coding modulation, error correction, etc.

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