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Hi guys, I have a project of choosing one digital communications standard (such as Bluetooth, LTE, 802.11n, etc.) and summarize its advantages, disadvantages and suggesting methods to improve it by changing some parameters or anything I can prove that will make the communication method more error-prone, achieve higher (...)
It's an ASK generator IC. You could probably start by modulating your digital data in ASK by constructing an ASK generator using IC555, there are plenty of schematics online.
in my project i am having 8 sensors. the sensors are placed 5 meters apart from the main pic control board. from the sensor to main pic control board i am using this LAN cable. for example if the first sensor is active it will send a logic 24 high through the lan cable this is receiver at the receiver side digital input board (opto-coupler-pc817) b
Hello, guys can anyone give me a sample propose project study on digital communication? we still can't decide,
Hai all This is my new project. I want to interface a digital camera module to the micro-controller ATmega32. The camera module is uCAM-TTL camera module from 4D systems. I interface the camera module and i implemented the communication systems everything.I can communicate with the camera module through serial (...)
Dear all, I would like to start a semester project related to Matlab Simulink and USRP devices. I am new in this field and studying regularly about it... The first step to setup devices is completed and now I would like to check if both device can communicate properly. For this Reason can any one suggest a communication Module... anything w
Hi every one, I'm doing an project in which i'll capture real time ECG signal and convert it in to digital form using PIC16F877A micro-controller , and i will transfer with bluetooth module ARF32, so with my programm, icant simulate it with miKroC, Please help me with this code : #include <16F877.h> #fuses hs, NOWDT, NOPROTECT, BROWNOUT,
in field of VLSI u can make layout of digital gates and also simulate them
hi every one, i need a final year project. the main subject i have studied are basic electrical engineering,basic electronics,object oriented programming(java),matlab2010,c++,digital logic design,signal and system,digital signal processing,amplifier and oscillators,data communication and computer network,electronic devices (...)
here is code for transmitting and receiving the data using USART of PIC16F877A transmitting #include #include //#include #define _XTAL_FREQ 4000000 __CONFIG(0x1f3a); void main(void) { ADCON1 =0x06 ; // Changes PORTA and PORTE to digital TRISA = 0x00 ; // Configure PORTA as output TRISD = 0X0
hello everyone. I am M.E. (E.C.) student of GTU. I have selected one field for thesis is in Advance digital communication. I want to perform any project work based on any OFDM or OFDMA applications.or MIMO applications. So kindly suggest any topics with guidence and related appropriate material. Waiting for your response. Thanks.
It is based on you send the numerical value transmitted from ZigBee transmitter receiver pair and send this numerical value to DAC ( digital to Analog convertor ) from Some micro-controller and control the current flowing through LED using DAC..... Good Luck
Hello, In fact, I'm working on a project that aims to put a communication platform to interact with hydrogen sensor wirelessly. The platform consists of an evaluation board from Xilinx ML505 (on which there is a Virtex 5) which will implement the baseband digital processing and another board (Software Defined Radio) for the analog front (...)
Hey folks. I'm new to PIC programming and my project is to take 4 analog samples (2 voltage; 2 current - LT6101) and 1 digital (temperature - DS18S20) sample. My initial challenge was to get good communication, but I have resolved that and I get good outputs via RS232 (MAX3232) to hyperterminal (HT). I am now attempting to sample (...)
Hi all good day to u, Currently I'm doing a project in digital communication subject. I'm facing a problem to convert sound data to binary representation. This data is going to be use for modulation and demodulation purposes. Anyone out there can help me on this problem. Looking forward to learn from u guys advice. Appreciate that. Thanks ;)
Hi, I am still a newbie in digital communication, so any help that I can get will be greatly appreciated. I am doing a project on Channel estimation in SDMA-OFDM systems. I have read a couple of papers on the matter, but so far all the algo's that I have read have a prerequisite that the number of receivers has to be more than the (...)
Hi all I am working on a project which requires me to get the data from a EEG Front End chip named ADS1298 and transmit the data in a digital form. I realised that I need a microcontroller (MSP430 F2274) to get access to ADS1298, and this requires a SPI connection between the MSP430 and ADS1298. I have done some research before I posted th
i am 3rd year student of electronics and communication.Can any buddy please give me a simple Mini project with the help of hardware and simulation tools on digital communition. i have no idea on this subject(digital communication) so please give me a simple but good project...
What about a building block (module) for a digital Terrestrial Receiver standard if it would be of interest. You would need to identify the basic functionality of the digital TV receiver and then identify its main system blocks. Isolate one block and proceed to form a diagram and then use Matlab, Simulink or some sort HDL (Verilog or VHDL) Coding
I am a newbie, and i would really appriciate the help of you guys. This project is required to my digital communication course. Due to many issues and the huge projects that im working on i cant finish it, and it need to submit it tomorrow till 11:59PM otherwise i'll fail the course. please help me with the Matlab code.