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I need the steps involved to get equation 4.49 from equation 4.48.
Is digital communications by Ian Glover a better one or digital communications by sklar a better one to purchase?
Best informations for digital you can find in digital world on Internet. Read this materials:
Hi Ammaralwazzan, you can have a look on my attachment regarding Rayleigh Fading Channels in Mobile digital Communication Systems Part I: Characterization. Also try to find his book as well. The book has title: B. sklar , digital communications: Fundamentals and Applications, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1988. I (...)
Freeman and sklar's books are two places to start. Radio System design or digital communications.
Bernard sklar's digital communication is more suitable for beginners
go through sklar, digital communications book and chapter on "Fading Channels" Added after 1 minutes: after that "Principles of Wireless Communations" by Rapport chapter 4
Also the books by B. sklar "digital communications" and Aificher, Djervis "digital Signal Processing" also contain a lot of useful information relatively Z-transform. In general, this knowledge are available in all books on DSP and DC. With respect, Dmitry
i need all of your advise on which book/material should i start of studying for understanding the digital Communication?
book is not difficult it may be the case student is not taking atention or teacher is not teaching well but dont b tense just use book and google search also try to get help from digital communication by sklar i hope ur problem will be solved
Read this book : digital communications , 4th ed, by John Proakis
hello everyone, i desperately need " digital communications" book by - sklar .. if any can upload r provide me with the link ... please .. please ....
it seems that you know nothing about bpsk or qpsk, i recommend you see some text book about digital communication. for example: Bernard sklar, "digital communications:Fundamentals and Applications" Second Edition