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hello i am intersted in referrnce and books on building control systems ( closed loop PID , fuzzy , ....) for motors and such in industrial product , and i need some books to RE-UNDERSTAND the theory and practical implementation in "digital" microcontroller regards
Hi guys, I have to design a FSK digital demodulator. I focus on synchronization issues, in particular on frequency offset estimation. Can you suggest me which algorithms or schemes are suitable for a FSK modulation?I appreciate any kind of materials, books or other stuff that can help me in this task! Thanks in advance!
What you need to do first is to learn the fundamentals of digital control systems because that is essentially what you are doing when you control an SAR A/D with logic (i.e. basic DSP). E
i want to know that who r the best books for digital system design, linear control system
digital Modulation and Coding by Stephen G. Wilson
Silicon Lab have productor, SI4700/01 digital demodulator
Hi I think that the difficulty is on digital PID, how to make digital PID equation. I sugges you read some books about digital control. For programing with PIC, you can find some articles on the site: Best regards Muoinho
hi, you have to use computer arithmetic ,not mathematic. in digital world, only adder exist. so you have to implement your algorithm to adder&other control logic. there are so many books describing "computer arithmetic", you can find them as reference and very useful.
Where can I find good tehoretical and practical guides for analysis and design of PI regulators in analog (s-domain) and digital (z-domain) case? Thanks.
LMD18200 is a H-Bridge from National with a digital interface. Datasheet
dear mates, what I urgently need is infos about the HCTL 1000 digital motorcontroller for controlling the rpm of an dc-motor. especially the digital control-algorithm is an issue. could some experianced designer give some advice for adjusting, calculating the special factors. (...)
Hi I am looking for good book swith nice easy to follow examples for Analog and/or digital control Systems for new to digital control systems. Thanks