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Hi, Suppose we are getting to different frequencies on 1 line. Is there any way in digital to differentiate between the two. Its related to LFPS and SS data in USB3. How can digital differentiate between the two.?
Spectrum Mask is a requirement, and not a behavior of a modulation spectrum. Not well designed systems can make the digital signal looks badly, and in this situation sometimes you cannot differentiate between modulation spectrum types.
Response time is a typical parameter to specify components with digital output, e.g. a comparator. It's no commonly used term for OPs.
First, in two layer board, I've heard that people said, the ground trace should be made to the power ground point even when the ground copper is poured on these two layer, could anybody tell me why? Then, if I use four layer(internal layers are power plane and ground plane), is it true that I don't have to make any power or ground trace on the s
Designing a linear power amplifier its a more complex job than just increase the DC bias current. During the design, parameters as Gain, P1dB, IP3, AM-PM, ACPR (if use digital modulation), Noise Power, etc, should be measured. All of these parameters can differentiate a linear PA by a saturated PA. Most of the PA transistors mentioned in the datas
I would first differentiate by analogue and digital, though quite often boards today have both sections one one board. digital board layout will depend on the rise times of the signals as well as the ultimate clock frequency. Rise time increases as frequency increases, but where possible restricting the rise time makes layout less (...)
hi, Think you have hit the nail on the head there - plus as some pins default to analogue at power up, its important you clearly define them as digital.
PLL is analog, DCM is digital.
Hi guys, Im currently working on a digital oscilloscope with FPGA for a senior desing project. I was wondering if u guys have any suggestions on how to implement the triggering system. How to do the slope detection, and trigger level. Can i use a differentiator and comparator. differentiate the input signal, and check if the: output is pos
Analog PLL has a Multiplier type PD while digital one has PFD, JK or XOR circuit. nathan