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Hi, Tricky question... Or tricky answer. My initial answer was 12kHz 2 = 24kHz. So a digital filter is able to attenuate the noise signal from 10 kHz ...12kHz. But. If you sample with 22kHz, then noise frequency from 10 kHz ... 11 kHz is sampled correctely and can be filtered out. Now the tricky (...)
You need to determine characteristics of the noise in the frequency domain. The process of digital filtering consists to reduce components of the signal lying within a specific bandwidth.
in my project i am having 8 sensors. the sensors are placed 5 meters apart from the main pic control board. from the sensor to main pic control board i am using this LAN cable. for example if the first sensor is active it will send a logic 24 high through the lan cable this is receiver at the receiver side digital input board (opto-coupler-pc817) b
I need to design DNF(digital noise filter) using VHDL, which is able to eliminate glitches by calculating pulse width. that is is a pulse width is less than a specified value it will not come in output but if more than specified value it will come in output. for pulsewidth calculation I am using this following code library IEEE; use
Hi all, I am trying to confirm the stability of some digital iir filters I am using. I have downloaded a trial of Matlab 2014b and have been attempting to use the isstable function to check stability, this tells me that my high frequency notch and bandpass filters are stable but my mains (50Hz) noise notch (...)
I think 0.05 is your threshold... Now in this case is this is the threshold is in analog voice recording side or in digital data processing side.... If it is on digital side the you can use simple if else for this threshold based approach ..... But way that noise filtering is done in digital side using (...)
Hi, I'm trying to build a filter for a resolver. I'm getting issues with noise spikes where I will get a sample that is way out of proportion with other samples. I have a pretty good design for filter minor glitches in the shaft angle, say up to 5 degrees off. But where I really need to do more filtering is right after the (...)
Hi all! I get digital data from the ADC. the Sampling frequency of the ADC is 600KHz. the Analog signal has the frequency 150KHz. Should i built a digital bandpass filter a after the ADC to filter the noise (harmonics) and offset created by the ADC. what are the critical frequency that schold (...)
I am working on the Project of Electronic stethoscope . i want to implement digital FIR filters on PIC33f DSC to remove the noise. any ideas where to start with?
Use these circuits. You need a filter between MCU o/p pin and op-amp input pin. You can't give digital o/p directly to op-amp input. You will get cracking noise.
Hi all I'm a begginer in digital signal processing,I have a signal that varies in 10Mhz to 30Mhz range and has almost very noises and I want to measure its dominant frequency component,I think that it can be done by taking FFT,but it may works slower than I need. what's your suggestions? (and a TMS320C6713-DSP is accessible):?:
I need to detect the envelope of a signal with a 90 kHz carrier wave. Has anyone use the digital envelope algorithm by performing the following digital processes : sample signal, square signal, take a moving average (LPF) and take the square root of the signal.
I would consider a phaselock technique. The NCO is what "try to catch" the good pulses, looking the difference of the estimated time with respect to the closer pulse. This estimation is the otput of the phase detector (the phase error) that applied to a digital filter gives the time correction up to the next cycle. Care must be paid to acquisitio
I read this somewhere and saved it. How to implement a simple single pole digital filter. It works great and I now use it all the time. Many systems use an ADC to sample analog data that temperature and pressure sensors produce. Sometimes, system noise or other factors cause the otherwise slowly fluctuating data to "jump around." To r
i got a square wave like signal with some noise/harmonics. Any know how to make it perfect square(digital)? PLease refer to the attachment. tq
how to filter out all the noise from FTnoise.wav with using MATLAB? What is the settings needed in digital filter Design block? FTnoise.wav can be downloaded from here: click on the link above, wait for 20 secs, then click on the "Download file now" which appeared. CONFIRM SAFE and (...)
I think you probably need a passive LPF before your ADC. Using a digital filter (averaging or FIR) won't achieve the same function. The passive LPF is to prevent aliasing, any signal or noise will fold into the first nyquist zone (10 kHz) when the analog signal is sampled. For instance, the AD8616 claims BW> 20 MHz. So all the (...)
Hi all, In digital filter, how to determine overall SNR, and the wordlength requirement of each internal node?? For example, if the half band decimation filter includes 5 17-bit multipliers. The filter input is 16-bit with fin=fs/8. Now how to calculate the SNR? Any comment / reference material is welcome... (...)
A digital voltage gauge with flickering display is just a bad design. Good ADCs with 7 segment display are available since decades, offering convenient 2-3 readings per second, e.g. using ICL7107. Sounds like someone has re-invented the square wheel. Or setup a wrong oscillator frequency.
Good day everyone, I am Patrick. I am an undergraduate student taking my thesis. My group's topic is about the 2nd order sigma delta modulator. My task for this group is to design the digital far as I know, The purpose of the digital filter is to remove the quantization noise that has been pushed to the higher (...)