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I am a fresh master with specialty in digital circuit design. Recently I am asked for an interview for the job below, > My team is responsible for architecting and delivering a XXnm product > with multi-chip integration capabilities. You will be part of this > product execution team (silicon aspects). We are focused on chip and > system in
I am new for the layout. I was asked below question during the interview, "there are two seperate gnds for digital and analog, VSS-D and VSS-A, in the layout. how does the layout pass LVS and Calibra?" May I know how to approach it? Thanks in advance.
1) How much do you expect to make? 2) When can you start? That's a pretty ambiguous question. What kind of hardware? Analog? digital? Microprocessor? Radar? Embedded? Power? Audio? Video?
I have a block which compares and gives the smaller and Larger number of 2 numbers. Using above block, when 4 numbers are given as inputs, produce the outputs in ascending order. How ? Thanks
here are some digital electronics questions.
need amd interview question for digital design?
hello all,i faced an interview yesterday and was stuck with one particular question of digital design. the question is as design a Combinational logic which takes a train of pulses with different pulse width (1ns - 5ns) and produces pulses of only 5ns as should discard pulse widths less than 5ns. help appreciated. i (...)
if you want just a simple digital Pulse then use 4-bit or 8-bit Synchronous Counter Feed you input pulse to CLOCK and derived o/p by D1 (second Least Significant Bit of the counter system will be doubling the width and halving the frequency.
Hi, In VLSI, they vl b asking mostly from digital Electronics & few questions from Verilog, VHDL, FPGA. U can find a number of questions and answers in the ASIC-digital forum.
Hi all, Can anyone share some question and answers for asic-fpga design interview or any questions/answers for digital design. I tried looking in this forum but most of the topics point to the same 10-20 question in the internet. Is there any standard document which you could share ? I would really (...)
i am curious; currently i have been called up for an interview with a RF circuit design company. one of the requirement sound like the below: Experience in digital Signal Processing circuit techniques and algorithm development for modulation, demodulation, filtering, and feedback control and signal synthesis... can some one explain to me,
i wish to apply for digital designer and analog designer...should i know how to use MaxplusII or other design software?
those are for digital. Can anyone post analog/RF/mixed signal interview questions?
Its a typical digital design interview question. The catch here is... if the length of the incoming serial stream is not fixed then it is impossible to find whether number is divisible by 5 or not. It is so because the division operation is always performed for the LSB side of the number; hence if the number is MSB first with unknown (...)
hi please upload interview material(aptitude paers,question papers,resumes...etc) in this thread....... it will be helpful to everyone bi neha you can refer the following link ..reap some knowledge ..i hope .. questions from digital electronics: