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No. You are asking 5 components, 4 of them essentially single bit digital outputs to produce three different analog voltages. The output of each receiver will be a logic high or logic low and will be pulsed according the transmitted code, there are no steady voltages and they are all at or near zero and the supply voltage. Brian.
I would get a differential digital cmos gate, and generate a differential 108 MHz signal on the driver board, and then share it differentially with the other boards. Since the differential receiver/gate will have a relatively high impedance, you can load the line at each gate with a resistor placed differentially. OR you can just use the gates fo
Any standard BER tester will be fine.Keysight or Rohde Schwarz manufacture such tester.The tester may apply any standard digital modulation scheme.
You'll use a combination of analog and digital filtering. Have a feasible bandpass, e.g. +/-2 to +/- 5 MHz stop band, band pass sampling with sufficient rate according to the Nyquist criterion, digital filters for the final receiver characteristic. Alternatively sampling with high rate and purely digital filtering. (...)
What is meant by acquisition range of PLL? How does it depend on loop bandwidth? When we work on discrete PLL domain, how does it affect the acquisition range? I am currently working on timing recovery design of digital receiver. One of the specification is given as Acquisition range should be 10% of Symbol rate. From this information, how ca
Hi! I am trying to design the Symbol timing recovery(#STR) block of #DVBS receiver. For reference, I am using the following matlab simulink design (NDA timing recovery part within digital Baseband receiver) ... The design has considered a roll-off factor of 0.5. I need to design for a r
Hi! I am trying to design the Symbol timing recovery(#STR) block of #DVBS receiver. For reference, I am using the following matlab simulink design (NDA timing recovery part within digital Baseband receiver) ... The design has considered a roll-off factor of 0.5. I need to design for a r
Hey, I've ordered a bunch of those cheap 433MHz RF modules from ebay to play around with. They're basically split into transmitters and receivers, and are meant for small DIY projects for arduino and the like. Out of curiosity I'm interested to see, if anyone has done some testing on them and what results you've obtained. The modules look
Good Moorning to everybody, I'm a newbie and I'm a only analog designer. I've designed a differential receiver and after the conversion (from differential to CMOS) the magnitude of CMOS level is 2.5 V. I've the necessary to convert this digital signal into CMOS level 1.2 V (core level into the ASIC). Are there some standard cell that provide
Hello. First of all, If I posted question in wrong section, please move it where it belongs. My hobby is satellite technology. I used few digital Satellite receivers brand till now. Right now, I use Amiko Mini Combo digital satellite receiver. My question is, what should one need to know in order to write firmware for this (...)
Good day. We are conducting some research about digital signal receiver and we are focusing on the demodulator part. Here are some concerns regarding the research topic : What are the possible testings for a demodulator for a digital tv receiver conforming to the ISDB-T Standard? How will I choose the best demodulation (...)
You should measure signal strength at the antenna input while observing multi-path fading.Because signals can arrive from multi points to the antenna ( reflections, diffractions) and the create fadings ( multiple images ) at the TV receiver. If the signals are digital, it's much more easy to find the right direction by measuring BER at the TV recei
Greetings! Newbie here, with what may be a newbie question. I'm working on an AES digital Audio receiver circuit, and am a bit stumped by the voltage levels at play. The AES/EBU specification says that output signals may range in amplitude from 2 - 7v peak-to-peak, across a 110-ohm termination resistor. However, the receiver ICs that I (...)
If want to go deeper, the analog TV needs a minimum of about -75dBm (50uV/75ohms) at receiving antenna, when digital television needs a minimum of about -82dBm (22uV/75ohms).
There are many ways to multiplex inputs, ANalog or in your case digital with a single ADC per phase multiplexing SPI. The optimal, depends on accuracy specs, cost and reliability. Details in specs not shown can alter any outcome. So start with a product design spec for everything.
Even a DSP (digital Signal Processing) SSB demodulator needs an oscillator to recover the carrier suppressed at the transmitter side. A Direct Conversion receiver (DCR) in fact use also a BFO which is the local oscillator, that has almost the same frequency as the RF frequency (with audio/b
Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing- GFDM - no ortogonality - use digital bank of filter - use cyclic prefix CP (tail biting) ::plus:: - output spectrum is very weak radiation out specified frequency band - significantly smaller PAPR - better energy balance of transmission - simpler equalization at the receiver side [ATTACH=CON
Most of the books about analog communications or communications in general describe Costas Loop or Costas receiver for carrier recovery and demodulation of DSB-SC. Many books about PLLs as well. Even if they show analog forms, digital implementation of them is direct. Z
hi I need to know how to start designing a digital AM receiver. I need a tool to help choose proper device in chain due to receiver standard parameters (Frequency, Sensitivity, Dynamic Range, ...). I don't know how the structure must be and don't know what devices and ICs may be used. I have experience in digital (...)
Please help I need code for my project... in my project I have digital blood pressure device and I want connect with pic18f452 after taking data and send by gsm sim900d this is in the case of transmitter in the receiver another gsm will received data and enter the data to another pic and show this data on lcd