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analog, mixed signal processes feature some more devices, than a digital process. In some technologies are different in substrate doping also (for example 0.18um CMOS technology usually have two type, one with high resistive and the other with low resistive substrate) and other differences can be also... RF technologies are (...)
hi all i wrote the following code ,, can anybody tell me if thr is anything missing? ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- --- digital pick amp calc -------- ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------- use ieee.std_logic_1164.all; use ieee.std_logic_arith.all; use
Thank you. Just I know the main decode part is digital circuit, and I want to know can we make it just use the analog circuit, for the digital circuit is quit complex. But after reading some papers today, I know it is not possible. Thank you, mister_rf. Best regards.
i think y should to learn the digital signal process, that book include the algorithm in details
The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to digital signal processing by STEVE..........
I am using a 0.35 um Austrian Microsystems process. I have a digital part and an analog part in my design. Somebody recommended using BU1P - buffer for signals, GND3ALLP - (GND for digital Part), VDD3ALLP - (VDD for digital Part). Could some one recommend a Pad to use for the clock and the input (...)
I assume you've been given a set of specifications from the fuel sensor. You probably need to process that signal and display it on a digital readout, right? You're going to need to sample the data (if it is in an analog format) with an ADC, then do any processing (such as smoothing), then sent the data to the display. What (...)
Hi, I am doing a project on FMCW radar design. I would like to know how to design the parameters for the FMCW waveform (triangular) and how would i process the received signals? Can anyone suggest me a good book for practical designing of FMCW radar? With Regards, MM_DEVILS.
Hi, I am engaged in a project which need to process digital IF signal. The passband sampling theory shows that when we sample a signal based on the theory, we can get the signal in the base band. But when I read some references , they show me that the digtal down converter prevail against the passband (...)
Hi That may be an analog oscilloscope, new ones have analog to digital converters which can work at hihg sampling rates and process the signal digitally. Therefore, if you are working in Matlab ... I can not see the point, are you trying to simulate an analog oscilloscope??? SAl
main the mix-signal system design. include the analog signal and digital signal, such as ADC/DAC, processor, DSP, IF etc.
see digital signal process book
BSIMProPlus is the most efficient and accurate SPICE model extraction tool on the market for digital, analog, mix-signal, and RF modeling application especially in advanced process technologies. It provides a new SPICE modeling framework built on BSIMPro and offers an active and passive device modeling solution for (...)
I would like to create a discussion of ASP and DSP. In this discussion we will discuss what fucntion ASP can do but DSP can't or DSP can and ASP can't. Let me have a start point. 1.ASP can process high frequency signal such as RF or optical front end. DSP consumes much higher power in this high speed signal. 2.DSP can provide (...)
Negative frequency is a very real thing in digital signal processing / Communications applications. Think of two complex exponentials x1 = exp( + j wo n ) x2 = exp( - j wo n ) During modulation a lower frequency signal is multiplied by a higher frequency signal. So when u multiply ur (...)
Books to start with : The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to digital signal processing By Steven W. Smith. THis can be followed by a standard texbook on the subject written by Alan V Oppenheim or John G Proakis. You must be knowing some linear algebra and knowldege of software like matlab is really advantageous. Knowledge of a (...)
FAQ: 1.On what factor SI is depends? 2.How can you decide the size and layers of PCB? 3.what is the process flow of Board designing? 4.What is differnec between Analogue and digital Ground? 5.How will you achieve sequence powering? 6.Explain me power up sequence of your design? 7.How will you test the there a alternative device
use minimum for digital and 4X for current reference and 2X~3X for analog
Hi, i have a question on the substrate connection for mixed signal circuit with p-sub lightly-dopled submicron cmos process. In my mixed block, we have seperate analog vdd/gnd and digital vdd/gnd for crosstalk reduction from digital part. I want to know the substrate connection, in my cicruit, i connected it to the (...)
HOW we are satisfying Nquist rate in case of analog to digital in the process of continuous to sample conversion?