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Hi guys i need this book,can somebody plz upload it and share the link here as soon as possible. Rabiner & Gold, ?Theory & Application of digital signal processing
DSP is the digital signal processing or the decessit sine prole. Which one will be right to lie on your need. I guess you the digital signal process, It can process the signal on the communication the radar, or video or audio.
Hi, Mixed signal Intergarted Circuit means the circuit have the device that process the Analog and digital data which are put on the same chip together. For example, DAC or ADC circuit that process analog to digital or digital to analog. Or even like in the optical communication, the (...)
Seeing Your Image under a signal Theory point of view, You can simply use methods like Fourier Descriptors. If You consider the Image how a stocasthic process, You can apply methods like Supervisioned Classification, but it's a bit difficult if You aren't expert on Matlab programming and Remote Sensing & digital Image (...)
In order to reduce system power dissipation and EMI, the RSDS format signal is used . But for a practical core signal process, the RSDS must recovery normal digital signal by RSDS receriver. For RSDS , i am a novice . some one can interpresent it and detail circuit or related paper.
I had designed a digital and analog circuit.analog block is a biphasic current output has +VCC and -VSS. digital block had function to control's power is +VDD and GND now! i wanted to use UMC 0.18 porcess to slove the analog and digital power problem?
I'd like to design a BPSK receiver recently. In my first idea, the structure of receiver is described as following. Antenna-->LNA-->RF to IF-->IF AMP--> IF signal multifies LOCAL OSCILLATOR-->AD CONVERTER.--> digital CIRCUIT process (retrieve baseband data). In local oscillator, the phase of local oscillator have to be locked in the (...)
In digital circuit : Generally , the bulk of nmos connetcs GND!; the bulk of Pmos connetcs VDD!; In analog circuit : Generally , Depending process, we can connect the bulk of a kind of mos . But in a mixed-signal process , because of Bandgap which needs the PNP , the process is p (...)
In terms of IC design , is there any digital process compatible and less chip area PGA available ?
It depends on the IP you use. All digital PLL/DLL are usually designed for standard logic process. But if the PLL/DLL is a so-called digital PLL/PLL(only the frequency detector and frequecny divider are digital), it may be implented with standard-logic or mixed-signal process. The difference (...)
Dear all, I am now doing a research on RFID (ISO15693) system. But I am not understand how the signal being process. Example, I have a DSP giving out 8 bits data in parallel with data transfer rate 26.48KHz to a digital Analog Converter (DAC). What will the output signal that I have at my DAC otuput? Will it a (...)
what process are u looking for logic .or mixed signal? I can give u the mixed signal one regards,