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Hi guys i need this book,can somebody plz upload it and share the link here as soon as possible. Rabiner & Gold, ?Theory & Application of digital signal processing
digital signal processing(DSP). check this site.
Mixed means put together, such as RF-Analog and Analog-digital. For example, LNA is a mixed-signal RF-Analog component. RF being that is placed at RF front-end and Analog being that is basically an analog component - a differential amplifier. Mixer, PA and duplexer too are RF-Analog components. ADC is mixed-signal (...)
Seeing Your Image under a signal Theory point of view, You can simply use methods like Fourier Descriptors. If You consider the Image how a stocasthic process, You can apply methods like Supervisioned Classification, but it's a bit difficult if You aren't expert on Matlab programming and Remote Sensing & digital Image (...)
In order to reduce system power dissipation and EMI, the RSDS format signal is used . But for a practical core signal process, the RSDS must recovery normal digital signal by RSDS receriver. For RSDS , i am a novice . some one can interpresent it and detail circuit or related paper.
I had designed a digital and analog circuit.analog block is a biphasic current output has +VCC and -VSS. digital block had function to control's power is +VDD and GND now! i wanted to use UMC 0.18 porcess to slove the analog and digital power problem?
I'd like to design a BPSK receiver recently. In my first idea, the structure of receiver is described as following. Antenna-->LNA-->RF to IF-->IF AMP--> IF signal multifies LOCAL OSCILLATOR-->AD CONVERTER.--> digital CIRCUIT process (retrieve baseband data). In local oscillator, the phase of local oscillator have to be locked in the (...)
In digital circuit : Generally , the bulk of nmos connetcs GND!; the bulk of Pmos connetcs VDD!; In analog circuit : Generally , Depending process, we can connect the bulk of a kind of mos . But in a mixed-signal process , because of Bandgap which needs the PNP , the process is p (...)
In terms of IC design , is there any digital process compatible and less chip area PGA available ?
It depends on the IP you use. All digital PLL/DLL are usually designed for standard logic process. But if the PLL/DLL is a so-called digital PLL/PLL(only the frequency detector and frequecny divider are digital), it may be implented with standard-logic or mixed-signal process. The difference (...)
Dear all, I am now doing a research on RFID (ISO15693) system. But I am not understand how the signal being process. Example, I have a DSP giving out 8 bits data in parallel with data transfer rate 26.48KHz to a digital Analog Converter (DAC). What will the output signal that I have at my DAC otuput? Will it a (...)
what process are u looking for logic .or mixed signal? I can give u the mixed signal one regards,