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Hi All, I'm in the middle of a mixed-signal design project using the TSMC 0.35um 2P4M process. I've done some chip layouts in 0.5um before during undergrad, but this is my first time using 0.35um. I have a few questions and concerns: I've created some custom digital standard cells to do the limited (...)
Dear friends, Here I'm Saathis. Currently I'm doing my final year project. Below are detail n help i needs.... Information: The system name is Speech Door Access System. user have to register before use. After register they must use provide password to access door. User have speech password via microphone. The password will be checked eith
Hi, I am doing a project on FMCW radar design. I would like to know how to design the parameters for the FMCW waveform (triangular) and how would i process the received signals? Can anyone suggest me a good book for practical designing of FMCW radar? With Regards, MM_DEVILS.
Hi, I am engaged in a project which need to process digital IF signal. The passband sampling theory shows that when we sample a signal based on the theory, we can get the signal in the base band. But when I read some references , they show me that the digtal down converter prevail (...)
Hi That may be an analog oscilloscope, new ones have analog to digital converters which can work at hihg sampling rates and process the signal digitally. Therefore, if you are working in Matlab ... I can not see the point, are you trying to simulate an analog oscilloscope??? SAl