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Hi All, I have this DVR for several years and lately the schedule recording either garbage video or black screen. The audio is OK. After several hours on standby, first wakeup will either have garbage video or black screen. Doing a shutdown and restart after that, everything is OK. I have (...)
Good day authors! Our group is conducting a research proposal of a digital signal decoder for digital tv broadcasting, we would like to ask for some sample circuits of a digital signal decoder. Or even some descrambler patterns. Your answers will be much appreciated. Thankyou in advance and more power to the team.
You forgot to tell us what is the input signal? DC, audio, video or digital?
If you intend to transmit A/V signals in digital form, no rpoblem.There may be 5.8GHz high data rate ( depending on your data rate of course A/V signal quality ) transmitters/receivers in the market.But if you transmit and receive these signals in analog mode, you cannot find anything for this purpose because 5.8GHz is not a proper standard (...)
The world spreads more and more between modern countries and old countries. In North America we don't use NTSC TV anymore since all TV transmission is UHF digital high definition today. I bet the TVs in the old countries still have a cathode ray tube as the display.
good luck, each cable company is a little different. Basically u need some sort of RF tuner front end and a demodulator, probably a QAM demodulator. Then a boat load of digital crunching to get out audio and video
Am trying to capture the TMDS signal of a HDMI Circuit. But Unfortunately am new for these kind of HDMI signals, since my past projects are only general embedded category and Not on AV Signals, i mean audio/video Signals. I do have an Oscilloscope of both digital and Analog Channels to capture these signals, (...)
the basic way is to take the analog video output of the camera and FM modulate a carrier in the 2.45 Ghz range. You can use a separate channel for audio, or some fancy multiplexing scheme to modulate the audio with the video. You then analog demodulate at the receiver. If you want to do it is both easier (...)
Some info........ google find more......... Optical Fiber Articles about LightTransmission for video, audio, Data using Analog digital L-Band HDTV 1080 and more - The Fiber Optic Association
Hi all, I just want to buy a DPS or FPGA Development Kit for video and audio signal processing for analog and digital signals. Please suggest me any development broad. and one more question. Which one is better for video and audio signal (...)
Which software do you use to design and implement digital filters - any kind of filters (audio, Images, video, etc)? I want to do a short survey, so please answer the following: 1- Student/Worker 2- Software tool(s) 3- Hardware target (i.e. MCU DSP, FPGA, etc.) 4- Type of digital filters (...)
HDMI digital Wireless audio video Sender
Is your info digital or analog?
hello everyone i have to use ADC and DAC for my design . does anyone know that altera DE2 board has analog to digita converter and also digital to analog converter ????
Toronto, Canada - GAO Tek Inc.( ) has released its network video server(GAOTVS-12) which performs fast, high quality video compression by using a high-speed digital signal processor. It is an ideal solution for transmission of video and audio over networks in real time. This (...)
1-How i can transmit and receive video with the voice .... i need the circuit diagram and how does the system operate? 2-how i can receive this signal on the computer i need the circuit diagram and how does the system operate and the copmuter program if it found?
digital Satellite News Gathering ?
this might work for you not sure what quality audio and video you want nRF24Z1 Transceiver for audio Streaming - A complete 4Mbit/s digital 2.4GHz wireless audio streaming device
I need digital rf video and audio link can you help me please about any schematic or app
How streamming live audio and video works? Streaming a/v begins with capture and compression. This is typically done by a frame grabber with audio capability. The frame grabber captures (digitizes) the analog video (and audio) and then (...)