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If you have a certain value of impedance that you must meet, for example 50 ohms, define your lumped ports impedance as = 50 ohms and change your line dimension to have S11 closest to the center of the smith chart. when your S11 real part is too close to 1 and its im is too close to zero that will mean than your impedance line is matched to the 50
Hello lambda/4 is the minimum dimension you are supposed to have. it is better to have a dimension larger than quarter of a lambda in every direction and especially in the direction of radiation. you can use wave port and have a rectanglular pec on top of the port to have the wave (...)
Hi all, Just a few questions in hfss. As I ran port Only simulation and I have found a suitable wave port dimension (only 1st mode propagates at the frequency of interest) for a microstrip line simulation. Then, by fixing to this optimum port dimension, I ran (...)
hi, can you give me the formula to fix the wave port dimension??
for whom ask about hfss waveguide port,here the dimension