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Node V_diode_A is shorted to ground by voltage source "Logic1". You may want to use the 2.3k resistor to isolate the voltage source by changing it's position in the circuit. Or preferably use a series choke for RF isolation.
Hi all, I am new to ads and looking to simulate a RF power detector with a Schottky diode. I have created the diode model (see attached below) with all parasitic elements, but am struggling to simulate the whole circuit. Which solver/template should I use to do so ? Ideally, I'd like to get a Vout vs. RFpower plot and the time response (...)
Hello everyone, I am trying to simulate the noise of a Schottky diode power detector. Theoretically, the flicker noise should approach zero if there is no dc bias but the simulation results I am getting using ads are quite the contrary. Any comments and experiences are welcome. PS: I am attaching the plot of Id and output noise vs the DC (...)
Hi, I am doing simulation in CST microwave studio on slot antenna with lump element, but when I wanna add a diode, I have got an error (the error saying "only RLC are allowed"). Please, could you help me how to solve this problem? I appreciate any suggestion....
the filter should have examples. diode should use ads diode model and input your spec. Why do you need a stepped impedance filter for 3GHz?
Hello, I have a problem with simulation the rectifier which using schottky diode HSMS 7630 and 2860. My ads Agilent don't have the library of this components. Please help me. Thanks you very much!
"Thus the input impedance of the diode is a crucial parameter to be determined first. According to ads simulation, the input impedance of the diode is (22-j55) with 10 mW input power and 1200 load at 5.8 GHz operating frequency" X. X. Yang, C. Jiang, A. Z. Elsherbeni, F. Yang, and Y. Q. Wang, ?A novel compact printed (...)
Hello I'm trying to simulate a rectenna circuit, in some examples that i find on the net they use the same diode as me. I take the spice parameters in the datasheet but the results are diferent. My doubt is, in the figure, how can i manage to simulate this diode in ads. 108
hi can anyone help me for the simulation of tunable bandpass filter using varactor diode by ads i need it for my final study project .
Aim: :!: I want to design a Voltage controlled current source based on Look up table in ads 2012. I searched and I could not find anything useful. Problem: I used DC simulation on a diode to get I-V curve. Now I want to make a current source generator based on the simulated values. :?: What should i do?
Can someone tell me how can i simulate the quantum tunneling effect in metal oxide metal (MOM or MIM) diodes? I am thinking about using a microwave based software like CST microwave or ads to get the electrical fields and subsequently importing them into Matlab to calculate the current density and plot the IV- curve. Don't know if it will work.
I think you have a few issues. 1) The TL1 is acting as a matched load at the input of your circuit, and TL 2 and the Didoes ect is in parallel so that will cause a mismatch. 2) Your third terminal of your diode is not connected to anything, so it's a high impermanence open, and does not matter if it's on or off. And are you looking for t
hi can anyone help me for the simulation of tunable bandpass filter using varactor diode by ads i need it for my final study project . here is my e
How to simulate a varactor diode by using CST and ads ?
Which diode model you are using in the simulations? I found HSMS8202 model has wrong pin connections. You can do a quick test by connecting all the diodes in in the opposite way. just give a try...
Hi, A really simple question. I am new to ads and trying to simulate a half rectifier as the attached pics show. Why is the diode also on 8631786318when it is reversely biased? If I put a capacitor parallel to the load, everything works well. Thanks, EOM
Schottky diodes are forward biased components and bias conditions define high frequency behaviour of the diode.That's why you should use large signal models with proper bias and HB simulation will compute frequency response of your circuit. Don't use AC or S-Parameters simulation,they will be erroneous.
I assume the error comes from the set up of ads simulation. Possibly, but I think it's from the diode model. Could you post the model file (or a link to it)? If not, look for the BV parameter in the model file. Should be 30V.
Hi, I have a problem of Circuit simulation in an em model. I have attached a diode detector ckt in the schematic view of transmission line as as well in Cosim view. My results in the schematic view of TL is as expected i.e as power input increases Voltage is increasing. But in my Cosim its entirely opposite or to say rectification voltage is n
Obtain parameters of diode with lumped R,L,C values for different voltages then HFSS is ok and search EDA or read