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I have designed a switchable antenna in HFSS. But when I gave lumped RLC in the switch position. On state Rs=2ohm and Ls=0.5nH, the matching is gone and it looks like the signals are getting reflected at the RLC. How to solve this?
No, the problem is that the DC generated by the diode, in you circuit cannot flows since it's blocked by the C2 capacitor. You have to connect the anode to ground using for instance an inductor having a value high enough not to affect the incoming RF.
Since P types have higher RdsOn than N types for the same size, selective matching of turn on and off using a diode shunted gate resistors helps in tuning the symmetry. Show your requirements by values and results with required load impedance and voltage range. There is a wide range of applications for this and your question is vague.
if I wanted to "tune" a resonant antenna with some sort of varactor based matching network, I would measure the reflection coefficient and either tune for a minimum reflection power, or tune for a zero degree reflection angle at the start of the matching network. You would use a diode power detector for the former, and a mixer/phase (...)
Hello, I would like to identify the magazine and issue of this diode tripler (found at link below) I think it is th
I need to rectify frequency in the range of approx 100MHz. There are standard schottky diodes with around 1ns reverse recovery time. These are 'ok-ish' but I want to know if RF diodes are a better alternative. I looked at a few RF diode datasheets, but they dont specify the reverse recovery time. Its just the capacitance that's (...)
I finally used this calculator and made the PI match pads. Tested with an impedance bridge it shows a good
Hi All , I am using a tie-down diode TDNDSX. But when running LVS I am obtaining the attached error. How should I proceed. Thanks. Regards Clive
Hi, I am designing a CRLH unit cell with an interdigital capacitor and short circuited stub (with via to ground) in ADS momentum. I want to use this single unit cell as a matching part for my rectifier circuit ( as of now i am using a diode for simplification). Can someone help me in suggesting a way to find the impedance of the unit cell using
I am working on a reconfigurable decoupling and matching network. To make it reconfigurable i need to use varactor diodes ,which will help me tune uptmy network from uplink to downlink frequencies. I need to know how can i model and achieve biasing of these varactor diodes. Using skyworks 2019-2023 hyper abrupt varactor diodes.
Hi, while doing layout of current mirror, why it is recommended to place diode connected transistor at the center of matching pattern block? or is it necessary at all?
i have 5 nmos with w/L 2u,4u,16u,32u,12u... 2u being diode connected mos and rest 4 base is connected to first nmos base.source grounded of all nmos XXXX EEEEEEXXXXX XCCCCDDCCDDCCCCX XCCCCDDCCDDCCCCX XXXXXBBA*ABBXXXXX XCCCCDDCCDDCCCCX XCCCCDDCCDDCCCCX XXXXEEEEEEXXXXX A=2u B=4u c=32u D=16u G=12u i have matched and shared a and b, c a
First, I don't understand the meaning of R1 series resistor in this detector. You have concerns about using a TL on the DC side of the detector, but I don't see any matching components on the RF side of the detector. Check Agilent and Avago papers related to impedance matching of the diode detectors and see how this (...)
Classic design.. Consider 50% less solder needed next time but heavy parts may need PU adhesive on comp side. Consider BB187 more readily avail. Varactor diode. with 11:1 ratio and good matching.
you can add a diode and a resistor of 50ohm after diode. this will make your o/p 50ohm just try this i think this will solve your problem.
Remove 50 Ohm resistor before the diode and see what happens.
hi..i know reflection minimization by termination technique like series,parallel,thevenin,ac minimization and ckt using diode are best.then what are the other method best for signal reflection any innovative idea for that..
1) design an antenna 2) design a bandpass/ low pass filter 3) design a rectifier cct ( diode) 4) combine all the design together with matching circuit
Yes, you can use a diode. To achieve a good current matching, you won't. Think about how a current mirror works and what makes it's performance.
Gate leakage and input protection diode leakage. Keith