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I have a problem with altium designer 15 with a pspice model for a diode. I have downloaded the pspace model and saved it as a ..ckt. it is in the project file under advancedsim sub circuits. now when altium look for it can't find it. In my sim model popup the model name is correct, (...)
If you are looking for Discrete semiconductor like diode, IGBT, MOSFET BJT etc and some general purpose devices like Opamp, Voltage regulators etc, one can use pspice model Editor. In this tool you can directly put value from datasheet to generate Spice model. If you are using 16.6 - with latest ISR you can use (...)
I got a problem in OrCAD pspice ,I really need you help !! The error code is : **** 05/20/14 13:05:05 ********* pspice 9.2 (Mar 2000) ******** ID# 1 ******** ** Profile: "SCHEMATIC1-bai 1" **** CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION *******************************
You may want to 1N4148 instead. This appear to similar device and it's model is available with pspice. You can also use pspice model Editor to develop diode model.
diode maximum peak current must be considered according capacitor placed on bridge output. +++
Hi I simulate a super heterodyne AM receiver. For that, i need a 455khz ceramic filter but i can not find it Or it is not exist in orcad capture. I find sft10.7 but have not pspice model. Also i need a germanium diode and i cant find it. Please help me guys.:cry:
Hi there I'm quite inexperienced at electronics, but I'm reading about the diode at the moment, and it talks about various ways to model the diode in a simple circuit analysis. PIecewise linear model, iterative and graphical. It says piecewise is less complex but usually good enough, but not as accurate as using the ideal (...)
I have got two problems using pspice: 1- when using transformer i encounter this error :ERROR(ORPSIM-15141): Less than 2 connections at node N02710. what is the matter?please? 2- using D1n4001/diode i encounter this error: model D1N4001 used by D_D1 is undefined how can i solve the problem. thanks
I work on the behavioral modeling of power components The software I use is pspice Schematics In my circuit I have to introduce a perfect diode. during the simulation it appears an error message '' the model Dperfect does note existe in the user library'' then how to create this model in user (...)
HI, I'm new here. I am setting a pspice model. And I want one of the diode has different temperature with the other parts(resistance, etc.).(i.e. the whole circuit might be a 0 or 50 degree, and the diode is 10 degree more than that) In an old Thread, someone says that one may use the "DTEMP" order in a SPICE (...)
I have got PMBD7000 (3 pin diode) pspice model from NXP Semiconductor web-site. This model contains 2 diodes and 3 pins in the diagram After automatic converting the spice file of PMBD7000(Lib->OLB) using pspice model editor and put the library in the OrCAD Capture window, (...)
Hi. I'm designing a buck regulator. I'm using IR2110 to drive high side mosfet as switch and low side mosfet as a freewheeling diode. schematic is attached. when I run it on pspice the message come "there are no data values in section 1. ignoring this section". and output file message come "INTERNAL ERROR -- Overflow in device X_U1.E_MD3_DlyHS_ABM2
YoWinRFP is correct. You can control the reverse recovery time by controlling TT parameter of diode model. In SPICE you would not get the initial rectangular portion of reverse recovery wave shape, you will get mostly the triangular type shape.
hi can any body please suggest me the model and other parameters of zener diode (5z6) in cadence? model name: divice area junction perimeter lenth width multiplier etc thanking you....
If you can find the pspice model you can use it in pspice. If your not sure how to do make a model from the a spice file refer to this link: Hope you're able to find the diode model.
Hi, what ac model pspice uses for a diode in reverse bias? the model comprises of a capacitance and a resistor. i know that much, but what is the values for the R and C. I have some formulas for R and C from the book "Semiconductor Device modeling with SPICE" R is equal to the slope of the I-V (...)
Hi, I want to build model from datasheet basing on some characteristics. For example diode basing on Ifwd= F(Ufwd). I am using pspice 9.2.3. There is function to put data in the table and extract it to model. But behavior of this feater is strange- after I tried simulate diode and got different graph at (...)
Hi, I looked into parameters for D1N4148 diode and found the below data .model D1N4148 D(Is=2.682n N=1.836 Rs=.5664 Ikf=44.17m Xti=3 Eg=1.11 Cjo=4p + M=.3333 Vj=.5 Fc=.5 Isr=1.565n Nr=2 Bv=100 Ibv=100u Tt=11.54n) What is the Parameter Nr here. Can anybody explain? Rest all parameters I am able to understand but I coul
I need this kind pin diode to do experiment does anyone use this spice model or ads model before??
Select model name in the list on the LHS pane, and do View\Extract Parameters. It has to be a model of supported types (e.g. diode, BJT etc)