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Hello Again EDABOARD...Previously I got a great tips from you about power dip protections. Recently I found out that there are 2 types of contactors we were using. Previously we discussed only the DC contactor power dip protection. Now I have attached 2 circuits, power dip protection for DC contactor coil and AC contactor coil. What I need (...)
Hello again...we have a system running in the production. Sometimes we can't avoid a power dip due to some reasons. When power dip happens one contactor(K1) trips. The contact part number is LP4K1210BW3, it has a 24Vdc triggered coil. We would like to design a power dip protection that will hold the K1 for 3 sec when power (...)
Hi! In your opinion, should a SMD e-cap have the same ESR value than a dip e-cap of the same capacitance and voltage? Normally I change the capacitor, if it's ESR value is superior in 100% to the ideal value. Is it a good margin or should I considerer a lower one? Regards, Bruno
For any decoupling analysis, we must know what can be the power transient required. Once we know that by knowing that , we can slect capacitor with low ESL/ESR. so that the voltage will not dip below the margin during transients
Hi, You have to use a parallel combination of 4.7 to 10uF dip Tantalum capacitor with a 0.1 uF Ceramic Disc for all Major digital ICs, for All Analog ICs and for a group of about 7 to 8 standard logic Digital ICs. Additionally, you have to use a 0.1uF ceramic disc capacitor for each of the standard logic ICs. Try to use 1 to 1.5 mm PCB (...)
You have control of the settling time with the value of capacitor you are using for Cav. This cap is between pin 4 and the +Vcc supply in dip packaged devices. Reducing the cap should let it respond more quickly, averaging over a shorter time frame.
u can buy any one of them i donot know whether you what RoHS Compliant or not, or u can use Small packages other than dip. If you want use dip/dil package make sure to see whether u are asking for dip package only. Added after 1 minutes: u can go for ST "cn" temperature range 0-70degC if u are working
The way to go is to utalize 1 transformer + rectifier + smoothing capacitor(s) and to build 5-channel (or as m any as you need) independent voltage regulators. You can use LM317 ( ) voltage regulator IC, and you can allow for some dip switches and resistor deviders if you would like to change output voltag