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Do you have a commercial BLCD with two sensors or are you designing your own one? Using three (digital) hall sensors is the usual scheme because it allows a simple direct relation of sensor signal to motor control. With only three digital sensors you can't determine the initial position exactly and don't achieve optimal (...)
I have written code for the Analog Devices AD9851 using MikroElektronika Pascal and supplied a schematic, Hex file, and a PC application to control the AD9851 with an optical encoder, 12 button keypad, and an FT232 USB to serial connection to a computer. It makes use of the FPU Chip version 3.1 from Micromega for conversion of the output frequency
Hi You will not be able to control 15 switches using 4 I/O lines (direct digital)! There are several ways to solve the problem: 1) easy but costly to use keypad control IC like the MAX7360 2) Use an ADC and resistor network as suggested else ware by smd_lover. 3)use low cost shift register IC like the (...)
If you try to convert first into voltage domain and then use a varactor the tuning range of +-100ppm is not achiveable with integrated diodes like P+/NWELL. You have to use switch cap tuning. So the digital value control direct the switching.
Hi all, I use DDS AD9852 it is configurated in parallele programming mode. Refclk is 13Mhz and i want to generate 100Mhz (pin36 vout) this DDS is connected at spartan for configuration. Thank's for your response Best regards VOHO :o
An analysis of the output spectrum of direct digital frequency synthesizers in the presence of phase accumulator truncation H.T.Nicholas and H. Samueli in Proceedings 41st Annual Frequency control Symposium,1987,pp.495-502