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SystemVerilog DPI (direct programming interface) is the equivalent to Verilog's PLI & VPI. All three are used to add system task (e.g. $display, $random, etc) to SV/V.Not quite equivalent enough for me. The PLI/VPI is a C interface to the simulator that is still relevant for SystemVerilog. It lets tool developers add
I think codevision has been around for a long time, so it is probably fine. can I use it to write a code for LED blinking and see if it works in terms of o/p at ports without actually connecting an Atmel uC You're referring to a simulator. There are different levels of simulation. You're referring to complete machine instruction set
You ommited something, the controller in use. Are u using a direct USB interface or USB to UART converter cable. Actually, I think using a conveter is more easier than a direct USB interface. You can buy a DKU-5 nokia mobile cable. It's got an inbuilt USB to UART conveter hardware. Also, programming (...)
You want to directly interface the sensor through the usb, or you can afford to implement a small PIC to be the interface? If you can use the PIC, it is very simple... The sensor should be able to be set to continiusly send info on the temperature to the PIC via SPI, and all you need to do is to forvard that data to the DLP using standard (...)
Hello atc9443, There are a couple of minor diferences in instruction set. There are big diferences in I/O addressing. I understand that some PLC5 CPU's have direct DeviceNet interface. With SLC you have to use a scanner. programming software is different , but very similar. PLC5 is older and very expensive. Hope this helps
What Allan-Bradley processors have is: - 9-pin D-shell RS-232 connector - DH+ RS-485 interface - 9-bit word structure What they don't have is a direct programming terminal - they are programmed through serial port(s) ..
hi, please direct ur question to the appropriate forum, this forum is only for programming related questions.
Hi all, has anyone seen any ISP software (direct cable to printer port, no interface) for the Atmel AT89S53 that also does the lockbits? I have found a couple of ISP programs but none has the lock bit programming. MrEd