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This is where the N+ source drain ground connection is also connected to the P-Well body by a direct N+/P-Well diode in layout rather than a metal strap with contacts to an isolated N+ ground and P+ body. So it saves layout space.
I designed a panel with a direct-on-line method using a soft-starter to run my Blower Motor but was having problem getting 380V- 400V at the output of the soft- starter, instead, am getting 345V-350V at the output of the soft-starter that feeds to the Motor. Should I connect the source voltage input fisrt to the (...)
Use the direct-on-Line with a soft starter, as long by controlling the switch-on point of a thyristor an electronic soft starter continuously adjusts the passage of energy from the supply so that it is just sufficient for the motor to perform
i need soft ware program to simulate the bit error rate of direct sequence WCDMA .the impairment taken in consideration are white noise for uplink and down link mobile fading channel and distortion in TWTA in non linear region.s i can use any soft ware program . or any help
Take a look at the direct MP3 Splitter and direct MP3 Joiner from Piston-soft .. It's not freeware but you can try it over 30-day period and if you don't like it you don't need to buy it .. otherwise it's only twenty-something bucks .. Rgds, IanP
Hi I am sudharsan doing project in direct Antenna modulation. I am attaching soft copy my design file with this topic. I request the members to kindly suggest me the simulation for the design. In the place of diode please replace it with the transistor. thank u.
"soft Connects" or "weak connects" usually refer to connections made on diffusions/wells or poly. If this error occurs, a connection on metal is expected by the DRC. I suspect you have a pwell connected to another pwell, but there is no direct metal connection between supply and the second pwell.
Are you talking core cell or IO cell? connect directly to VDD/GND in core cells. float the dummy transitor in IO cell.
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and library for sp3