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hello... i am working on flow meter project. in which i want to display total liter of water. i am just increment variable value on each pulse. i define variable for it "unsigned int TOTALIZATOR", my microcontroller is ATMEGA32A. My problem is that when i am trying to display this (...)
I want to display a variable not a constant therefore I would not know the value. Yes, obviously.
how to send a variable to display in 2X16 lcd for example ; unsigned in a = 9; lcd_data(a); how does display as 9.( means that the value of a; ie = 9) thanks
use a variable as float and display it on lcd.
Hello! Some ideas: - You don't say what the variable x is. You don't specify pos either, but I can more or less that it's a position somewhere, possibly on the screen - You don't need the "key" array, because for any value, key = keycode. So basically (just guessing), you get a key code and you want to display another (...)
If it is a HEX display you need an ASCII lookup table.
Hi, I am working on a project to display the temperature from a thermistor on a lcd display. Here is a list of components I am using. HD44780 PIC18F4520 LM35cz I am working in assembly language and my question is how to take the 10 bit ADC result my PIC gives me in the ADRES register and display it in Fahrenheit on (...)
Hi, I want to make a variable (0.2 Hz - 1kHz) clock/pulse generator AND display the generated frequency value (e.g. 1024 Hz) on a 16x2 lcd display or to 7-segment display. I was going to use a 555 timer with a potentiometer to vary the output frequency of the 555, but a friend told me the (...)
Dear friends , can we have counter as a variable ,whose value is greater than unsigned long int (4294967295) , i want to increment a variable which should go from 0 - 9999999999 , this range is out of range from unsigned long int , i have to display the data on lcd , plz suggest how do i get this (...)