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Placing ground vias all over the pcb (stiching) to improve the EMI. Have all ground vias to be spaced the same distance? Or may they be separated different distances if it is under lambda/8? I mean, I have to place ground vias all over the pcb edge to reduce EMI. The space between these ground vias (...)
Hello, I wish to run a DRC on the pcb but just only to check for distance from copper to edge of board. How do i do this alone?
Pin distance of 2x0.1" (2x2.54mm) is correct for SMA pcb connectors from various manufacturers
It seems that someone is making this project harder than it should be... Ive just completed a wire bond board with the following parameters: Die Size: 3750 x 2500uM Die pad pitch: 80uM Pad distance from edge of Die: 158uM (passivation opening is 4uM) Pad shape is Hexagonal: 72uM x, 113uM y. I created the bond pad at 4mils x 6 mils. Plac