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Perhaps reading the help file would work. Please understand that Edaboard is run by a small team of volunteers and although we are distributed around the World, there is no guarantee that any of us will be available 24/7 to approve your posting. Leaving 2.5 hours before replying to your own post is not helpful, please allow time for moderators an
Hi all. Never properly grabbed the concept of antenna radiation resistance and how is it calculated... Is the formula Rr = 1580 (He wavelength)? valid ? Rr = radiation resistance, He = effective height, expressed in fractions of a wavelength, of the distributed common-mode current. Some clarification of 'distributed (...)
what is NS-2 ? Is it the Network Simulator distributed by ? oh,use command "chmod 777 *" to add permission to your files. Maybe it will work.
can you plz say me whether STA in OCV is better or best/worst mode. HI~! I provide some of my idea about this topic: 1. On-chip variation is more likely to be in reality since process should be gaussian distributed instead of all best/worst. 2. Moreover, bc/wc can't guarantee the all the condition. F
You mave have to check how the power is being distributed to various peripherals inside the processor and their tolerances.
I am working on a design for a MIMO WiMAX indoor distributed antenna system. The system will be running on MIMOA (diversity) mode. What I want to know is this: if we are using ceiling mount omni antennas, what would be the correct spacing? I was told 3-6ft, but this seems like quite a bit of variance to me, and most likely was the answer just b
Hi Shlapenka, hi erikl. erikl, are you sure of what you posted? cause it seems to me that the B terminal is should always be connected to the substrate potential and not to any potential or even the N+ contact. The resistor symbol that Shlapenka is using seems to be a distributed model for the resistor so the B terminal is to model the (...)
Hello, I'm configuring my HFSSv11 to work in "distributed mode" in two computers runnig Windows Xp PRO sp2 and Win 2k3 Server. I've configured the DCOM in both machines, and tested it with "dcomtest" ( ). The "dcomtest" was OK! But when I try to run the HFSS in distributed mode I got an error message: "Unable
I am not sure if testclk need to be CTS'd at all. The functional clocks in design are distributed to all the flop in design and need to be CTS'd. testclks are just muxed with functional clocks much before it reaches the point from where onwards CTS starts. So testclk sees the same CTS depth/skew as functional clock. Further from tester, you c
Transmission lines are designed and advertised with a certain characteristic impedance value. This impedance is established by the ratio of distributed inductance and capacitance in the transmission line. This impedance, if applied as a resistance across the line at the far end, would make voltage and current uniform along the line (except for the
modes refer to the way the fields are distributed. They are basically the eigen functions corresponding to the Maxwell equations with proper boundary conditions. -svarun
si_green, As an example take a rectangular waveguide. It is known from basic EM theory that there are several modes of propagation (infinite to be exact ). modes meaning the way the fields are distributed in space. When you start from very low frequencies no mode will propagate. As you go up only one (...)