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The general way is to extract it as 6 parallel transistors and use "pruneDevice" rule in "divalvs.rul" . If you insist on extract it as a single transistor with six fingers, you can use diffusion as recognition layer. However, it will fail if two transistors share a diffusion.
Hi mohamedabouzied, You can define permute rule in divalvs.rul to treat parallel devices: (permuteDevice parallel "nmos" parallelMos) where "parallelMos" is a function name. You can omit this word if you don't need to check parameters.
Hi all, I am desiging a differential amplifier in Cadence. I did the extraction from layout and it was successful without any error.I made the circuit in schematic and am trying to check with LVS ( I'm using divalvs.rul). The problem I am facing is that whenever I start LVS run... it gives me a message "Job '.......'" that was started... (ti
divalvs is the best one for small, full custom layout
Your divalvs file doesn't have a parallel permute rule for mosfets, or it doesn't handle parameter "m". Please modify divalvs.rul.
You should check the divalvs.rul. May be the permute rule for resistors doesn't contain a combine function. If the permute rule is: permuteDevice(series "res") it should be modified to permuteDevice(series "res" seriesRes) May be your rule file doesn't contain the function seriesRes. You should define the function in divalvs.rul file.
I found these files since I'd like to config my IC5141 at home, do I only need to do what it says? copy them into /cadence ? no need divadrc.rul divalvs.rul? hope these files can help others and I need more comments on them, th
Bipolar transistors can be compared whether there is or not BJT-rules in divalvs rule deck. But the divaEXT.rul file should be capable of handling bipolar devices. You may check the extractDevice statements in the divaEXT.rul file.
If you use divalvs, do you have the ivpcell or auLVS and some other cell view for LVS in your corresponding pmos nmos views, there should not only a pmos/nmos symbol and spectre . spice views. If you generate analog/digital netlist, you should set the CDS_Netlisting_Mode to generate m= or m is not effective.