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As per page 32 of the attached?. ?Switch Mode power converter compensation made easy ? by Robert Sheehan ?.if you design an SMPS, and you compensate its feedback loop such that it is stable with an output capacitance of C1, say, then obviously it is stable. Now add another capacitance to the output, call it C2?add C2 downstream of C1. Now
After turning on Hitachi model:C2128FS, it turns on with horizontal lines on the screen then after 5-10 seconds it turns off!
Hi, How do I get the impedance vs frequency (fig 2.32a) plot of page 33 of the attached in LTspice? The LTspice sim is as attached, but I cannot make it work and cannot get fig2.32a I can get the transfer function plot (fig 2.32b), but not fig2.32a. I am jus
I would like to know the RF circuit implementation method for 20GHz to 40GHz. The RF circuits are LNA, filters and PAs. Can these circuits implemented on a PCB or only IC? Any particular IC technology needed?
Where is your testbench? Did you just compile this code and try it on hardware without running it in a VHDL simulator? One thing I do notice, you are using clock dividers, which are not a good idea in FPGAs as the divider output has to be routed in the FPGA fabric to reach a clock buffer and the timing of this can vary depending on placement. You
Hi there, I wanted to know how to actually implement the P, I and D sections of of controllers in hardware? What is the actual electronic circuitry behind it? If possible pls. point me to a relevant textbook as well. Thanks and Regards, Arvind Gupta
I guess you will have to provide more information. Like schematic, netlists, show how different the results are, etc. In a MOS transistor divider, interchanging drain and source shouldn't really be a disaster. And finally, one can expect that the netlist from schematic is different/simpler than the netlist from LVS (or more correctly, the extracted
hi i read a power point from Professor Y. Chiu -fall 2014-data converter -eect 7327-Switched-Capacitor circuits. in below figure, the author was written that the transfer function is: h(z)=c_1/c_2 * z^(-1) 157801 i tried to obtain it but i get: h(z)=c_1/c_2 * z^(-1/2) in φ2 to φ1 transition. explanat
Hi, I need to generate a saif file for iscas 89 s38417 benchmark. I need a good testbench for that. I searched the previous posts and I found a link for that but it doesn't work anymore. could anyone help me with that.
I am in need of an extensive menu system for an LCD, actuated with an encoder. The architecture I have created is an encoder-controlled system. Push-button enters the next menu item. Moving the encoder engages the next-previous operation. This structure is based on a doubly-linked list. Everything is programmed in C++. The main program archit
Hi, 157739157738 I am trying to capture the inrush current waveform of a pmdc motor in an oscilloscope. When the actual inrush current value is 75A, we are able to capture only 44A with set up shown below. The artificial network used is a RLC filter circuit. Please suggest any other alternative ar
Dear, I need to design a GaAs Willkinson divider. I found the phase and amplitude abrupt change in 2GHz or so. The layout is simulated by ADS momentum. Is it produced by the ring resonation of Willkinson divider structure? Are there anybody else encounters this problem? How to avoid the unwanted abrupt change? Jade
Hi All, I am not sure what would be better. In the case that we have a one single layer PCB what would be more advantageous for EMC?. Would we prefer to create a ground plane that would contribute to less inductive impedance at high frequencies but on the other hand it could create current loops, or would we prefer to have two power rails, one
I already designed Class AB power amplifier (Cascode CMOS TSMC 180nm - 5GHz), and after I choosed Load and Source impedances from source and load pull simulations according to getting max. PAE. I designed the in and out matchig circuits according to these values. 157687 When I tested the S-parameter using LSSP at ADS Keys
Hi Page 52 of the UCC28950 datasheet shows the COMP pin of the UCC28950 PSFB controller being probed with a scope probe. A 1k resistor is appended to the scope probe. Can you please confirm that this 1k resistor is put there to prevent distortion of the COMP pin signal by the leakage current coming through the scope probe? After all, the COM
Hi Forum, I have a mono signal from a microphone (approx 5mV) which I want to direct to either Output A or Output B with a push on a latch switch. What should I prefer in order to keep simplicity; Analog or Digital solution? I want to have a relay without the "click-noise" when changing from either A or B. I know there are some relays out the
Previous threads of yours suggests a RFID application (small band, AC only). In this case a pure capacitive divider could be used as well. The best solution would be chosen depending on the source and load impedance, which isn't yet known.
Hello everyone, I want to design a PID controller for a closed-loop control system. Here I have IGBTs in Half-bridge configuration, I am sensing current output from a hall effect sensor, and taking it as feedback. By the current feedback, I am controlling the PWM to drive the IGBT. I have a set point and I have current feedback, which I can subt
I am using STONE HMI display (from: ) doing developing an open source medical device using a microcontroller (Arduino or Raspberry pi) with attached ECG,etc. circuits. I have not decided yet if I will make it: 1) with Arduino, which means I will have to switch between the circuits manually. 2)with Raspberry pi with LCD
I did not find a short circuit, but noticed that at the output of the voltage divider (R1, R2), instead of 2.5V, the voltage became 4.5V. On the LM258WYDT, this voltage was 2.5V. Perhaps there are elements on this input of the operational amplifier that should lift it? Reading the datasheet explains why. Input differential voltage i