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I designed a 3-Way equal-split wilkinson Power divider, but S11 is somewhat large, how can I decrease its value to be -15 dB? 129267
Hi I am working on destining a 2:1 three stage UWB wilkinson equal power divider for the frequency range (2-7)GHz using CST microwave studio with 50 ohm input and output impedance. The design is attached and the S parameter also.
hello can anyone here please upload for me a layout for wilkinson power divider in HFSS any design would be OK, i'm new to HFSS and want to see how the layout looks like anyway my design is operating at 3GHz with equal P3:P2 lossy with lambda/4 matched Thanks in advance Hi, It's better if you can come with your la
Hi, I and designing a multi-stage 1:2 equal split wilkinson power divider at the moment, and wonder if there is a way to predict how much the fractional bandwidth is going to decrease after each stage based on the performance of the 1-stage splitter. I think this problem is not limited to wilkinson power (...)
You will probably see the same effect S31==S13.I guess your wilkinson divider is assymmetric on XY-axis.( Mostly manufacturing faults) since your frequency of interest is high.(Small structures are much more sensitive to manufacturing defects/tolerances)
I do not have Ansoft designer, so I am unable to open the file that you have attached. It would be better if you could provide pictures of your design and S-parameter plots. Is it an equal split 1:4 power divider ? If so, why don't you just arrange three 1:2 wilkinson power dividers in a tree fashion ?
I can't understand, why when we work in microstrip area we put wilkinson dividers, and when it comes to patch antennas, there are no any such things? Also they can work as power combiners in receiving case. Is it good or bad to use wilkinson power divider in microstrip patch antenna array?
Hello I am designing a microstrip balun and plan to do it by using a wilkinson divider to divide the signal into 2 signals with equal amplitude and then a Lange coupler to obtain 90 degree phase shift between the signals. The problem is with this design I am getting S(2,1) and S(3,1) more than -3 dB. What can be done to rectify this and (...)
Hi, I am designing an equal split wilkinson power divider working at 13GHz in ads. When i add a MTEE to it, the s-parameter all goes wrong. I think i may have used the MTEE in a wrong way. Could someone help me with that? Attached are the schametic and s-parameter simulation results :roll::roll: Thanks so much.
Hi all, I need to design a Suspended strip line hybrid divider and Combiner for 8 to 10GHz , Please let me know if any literature on the design is available.! please let me know is any other method of combining is recommended for the X band.
If size isn't issue use multistage wilkinson divider.
81013 I received the Circuit in attached files from senior. he give to me something small project. make equal 2-way power divider(Micro strip). just i know Er = 4.4 H = 1.6 T = 35um F = 2.35Ghz and attached circuit. 10cm * 10cm PCB i will be appreciate it if you have any idea about which method to us
Hi! First of all thanks a lot for this beneficial site. I?m making a wilkinson Power divider in Ansoft HFSS 10. It has to be an equal split power divider(Z0=50 ohm) which has to be driven at that I set the solution frequency 5Ghz. According to the graph there is something wrong with the system(3dB point cannot seen (...)
hi everyone, Im trying to design wilkinson power divider in ansoft designer, range 5-15 Ghz, input, output return losses, and isolation equal -30 db. Now im wondering how may sections in the transofmer i need to have to meet -30 db input return loss in the frequency range 5-15 Ghz? thanks
Hi I am trying to create a equal split wilkinson Power divider in puff, but I cannot seem to get the power to split, I have attached the screen shot for two different circuits I built as well as the puff file, any suggestions would be appreciated! Here is my Puff File: Copy from the site above and create a .puf
it might be easier to cascade two levels of two way dividers.
I want to design an equal split wilkinson power divider at a frequency of 960 MHz using ADS.I am a bit confused about the number of sections used and matching of the transmission lines.Can you please help me a bit Look at the attachment file. May be it'll helpful to you.
I want to design an equal split wilkinson power divider at a frequency of 960 MHz using ADS.I am a bit confused about the number of sections used and matching of the transmission lines.Can you please help me a bit
hi, i am trying to make wilkinson power divider (equal or unequal power division) in IE3D , but don't know how to define or implement the chip resistor in IE3D software. if anybody has any idea or tutorial example , kindly share ion this forum. with regards abhi