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Hello guys, Yestarday i made a board with altera cpld (epm7128elc84-10n).I soldered pin headers,crystal and cpld. When i connect the board to 5V it draws 100ma and all are normal but i cant program it with usb blaster.I have checked all pins with continuity test. This is the error message "Unable to scan device chain. Can't scan JTAG you
Please i need your help am a new user on this forum and i want to design this "Moving message Display" in a simple way: such that anybody can just edit the information been programed on the Micro controller.
This is the best one I've seen but there are lots more: Top 5 Spinning LED Displays - Hacked Gadgets - diy Tech Blog .
Hi I designed Microcontroller Based moving message display. "Show diy" forum is waiting for you. Cheers
Hi, I have completed working on PCB , 1 wire to USB Interface using DS2490 diy. If any one is interested in PCB, do drop me message. FR4, Single Side PCB. attached is layout image. Thanks suds
u started asking without searching. have a look at the topic diy: Moving message display in Topics
hello, pls help me in the design of running message with 30 frame of 8x8 dot matrix display... i need the full schematic. i will use the AT89C51 microcontroller... hope you will help me dude...:cry: thanks a lot... i need it badly...
HI ! I am working on moving message display using At89c52 ,74HC154,CD4017, BEL 157,and 7 rows x 50 colums ie 10 characters. pl any one have ASM Or 'C' code for above project ,pl send on my E-mail Thanks Kiran
Thank you my friend ,just look at the past postings they are full of good projects and schematics and most of the authors of the project are ready to help then,now is not like that, no one post a good project here again, is it that the diy moving sign display forum is finished?