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Hello guys, Yestarday i made a board with altera cpld (epm7128elc84-10n).I soldered pin headers,crystal and cpld. When i connect the board to 5V it draws 100ma and all are normal but i cant program it with usb blaster.I have checked all pins with continuity test. This is the error message "Unable to scan device chain. Can't scan JTAG you
Please i need your help am a new user on this forum and i want to design this "Moving message Display" in a simple way: such that anybody can just edit the information been programed on the Micro controller.
This is the best one I've seen but there are lots more: Top 5 Spinning LED Displays - Hacked Gadgets - diy Tech Blog .
Hi I designed Microcontroller Based moving message display. "Show diy" forum is waiting for you. Cheers
Hi, I have completed working on PCB , 1 wire to USB Interface using DS2490 diy. If any one is interested in PCB, do drop me message. FR4, Single Side PCB. attached is layout image. Thanks suds
u started asking without searching. have a look at the topic diy: Moving message display in Topics
hello, pls help me in the design of running message with 30 frame of 8x8 dot matrix display... i need the full schematic. i will use the AT89C51 microcontroller... hope you will help me dude...:cry: thanks a lot... i need it badly...
HI ! I am working on moving message display using At89c52 ,74HC154,CD4017, BEL 157,and 7 rows x 50 colums ie 10 characters. pl any one have ASM Or 'C' code for above project ,pl send on my E-mail Thanks Kiran
18 Oct 2006 13:34 Re: diy Moving message Display -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- deniah wrote: PIC 16C74 based led display hi, i'm a student of a university, and i need a project like u'rs if possible can you please send it to my email? Added after 2 m