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Hello, I need to take 8bit parallel burst signal from external ADC (20 kB per burst, 22,5 MHz). Buffer one burst, send it to PC and wait for another burst. No data processing on MCU side. MCU will know about comming data by trigger on GPIO pin. Delay between bursts is about 1 second long. Im looking for MCU with dma that will be capable
I recommend you to take more suitable microcontroller. To work with API like emWin you will need at least 50k free RAM, FSMC and dma to get reasonable refrash rate.
Hi all, I am new to verilog and my project is VLSI Imolementation of 8237 (dma Controller) using VERILOG. Kindly help.Thanks in advance
Hello everyone, This is my first post in I have an example design in system generator for image operation which has one input and one output. I want send data through AXI stream interface and export it as an IP core to vivado IP integrator and develop the design further using dma and (...)
Dear Friends, Good Morning I am facing a problem in COMPUTER like this, "dma CONTROLLER ERROR, FATAL ERROR.....SYSTEM HALTED" and I am not getting boot setup aor bios set up, please help me in this case. I changed the RAM also but, No use same ERROR. Thanks in advance friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi everyone in stm32f429 micro-controller, dma module has a Double Buffer mode. I want to know usage of this mode. Where applicable? Any help is appreciated.:grin:
you can search for dma direct memory access. or may be you can use message queue.
If you don't why you should use dma, just don't. Your code will be simpler, smaller and quicker implemented.
Real time stack buffering to an IRQ response will affect latency. I Hope you aren't polling UART, if so is code like using dma? Latency is dependant on all buffers and stacks, with variability depending on depth and other task durations.
The syntax looks confused at first sight. We won't expect data addresses casted to function pointers. I can hardly believe that this is the straightforward way to initialize MSP430 dma registers. Instead of trying to reproduce possibly erroneous code, why don't you write the intended operation bottom-up, using the MSP430 datasheet and basic C op
If you are new to this type of work, use the Vivado block automation feature for the Microblaze. Add the uB and then add the AXI dma IP core and then run block automation. Pg23, to get started with block automation...........
I am looking to design a axi system with the IP's on a VC707 board in vivado. the IPs are 1. Mblaze 2. central dma 3. block memory generator here i want to make Mblaze and central dma as masters and rest of the things are slaves. In detail, central dma should be a slave to Mblaze in one side (...)
In my design, I want to send the data from PCI Express to AXI dma IP core provided by xilinx. Can I directly take the stream out of the PCI Express and feed it to the stream input of AXI dma IP? I ask this because, in the kintex 7 board, there are special clock and reset pins for PCIE and the system clock (...)
I am using xapp 1052 reference design for dma transfer using PCIE. But I am unable to clearly understand what operations do the RX and TX modules do in the different states of the state machine. Can somebody explain the operations done in each states of the state machine??
i use dma in STM32F105 to reading adc 8Khz. my dma buffer is 1000 . algorithm is hear : 1- start timer 4 cc4 -----> 8Khz Adjusted 2- enable ADC 3- start ADC_ch 4- config dma in circular mode 4- start dma transmit to buffer 5- disable half transmit interrupt 6- in interrupt of dma , reading the (...)
I will recommend to buy any stm32 discovery board and try doing coding from peripheral examples. There will be example bundles which covers all the peripherals like ADC, DAC, RTC, POWER, dma, WDT, LPTM and a lot... Also recently ST developed a very interactive automatic initialization code generation tool called stm32CubeMX which is very (...)
Guys, Does anyone of you have experience on using SPI1 with dma on STM32CubeMx? I tried using this function HAL_SPI_Transmit_dma(&hspi1, data, 3); But I didn't see any response on my Logic analyzer.. Any ideas ? I have initialize clock, GPIO, dma and SPI setting according to STM32CubeMx setting... Thanks
Hi Everyone i have a problem with LPC1788 dma i want transfer data linked list from sram to gpio port by dma. i try this code and work correctly but i have a big problem in data logger result you can see huge time gap between each transfer completed. 121305 test code: void dma_IRQHandler (void) { (...)
Hi all, I am new to STM32F429 board. I wrote a code for ADC-dma2 implementation. I have configured 4 channels PA4,PA5,PA6 and PA7 for ADC1 and when I change voltage at one pin, it's effect is influencing on other three pins also(ADC values at other 3 pins are also changing). below is the code. Kindly give me suggestions to get rid from this (...)
The purpose of a hard dma controller is to help with memory transfer of large blocks. The main processor simply instruct the dma what chunk of data needs to be transferred and then move onto other important things that form part of the main program. When do people even use a dma? and how come only high (...)