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Even if you don't donate to Wikipedia, the website would still give you the info you are looking for. ;-)
hi Hi I want to compare the results of patch antenna design in hfss and cst but fail to get exact gain vs frequency plot can u help n provide a small antenna design example in .hfss and cst mws file form so that they same gain vs freq and s11 vs freq curves regards I am stuck plz help will donate 200 points kartik kartikkhur
Dear all kindly help me this problem I have an antenna Attached in this thread and I want to plot copolar and crosspolar components in E and H planes like in the images (attached ) which are from the paper attached in the mail I do not know how to proceed can you tell me step by step method for the same and plot in this attched an
hi all I am stuck with a simple roblem in hfss how to round off corners (smoothen)of a rectangle in hfss kindly upload a hfss file I will donate 50 points for this regards kartik
I have in my lab an old FPGA board (Spartacus from FPGA circuits with net extension board). Unfortunately I lost documentation I received with board at that time(user guide and schematic) and on internet I didn't found anything. Please help, I'm looking for this documentation (I will donate this board to a student) Thank you in advance!
Dear Friend, Kindly upload the following text book at the earliest. I will donate 10 points. "design of multi-frequency CW radars" by Mohinder janakiraman Thanks in advance Regards, N.Muralidhara
Hi guys, Below is the link to a program that I coudn't download. Could someone send it to me in PM. I'll donate 10 pts for your help. Many thanks.
I've run into this same problem myself. If you try to contact Teradyne directly, you will practically have to donate a kidney just to get a reply, and when you finally do you will see they charge a hefty fee for these templates. It's really in their best interests to provide templates free (after registering, etc.) like Verigy does.
Are you looking some one to donate the complete project tailor made as peryour requirements or you are erday to pay for that? If you are ready to pay, i'll move your thread to "Bussiness special intrest group" I think he's interested in someone doing his homework for free ...
thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssss i donate 10 points for you
Hi After A pain full serach i found manual for APC up two post but i don have registration there if some one download it for me and send me here i will donate him 100 points (in this post manual attach with 2nd reply as pdf file) (in this post
please do not forget to push the "donate" button CBs
Thank you FvM too much, i donate for you 10 points, Now i need AM modulation circuits using the op-amp (most of the am modulation types) + FM+PM+PCM i appreciate your kind help
hi friends, i need a Schematic diagrams for the following modulation types (i will donate 5 points for each diagram): 1. amplitude modulation (all its types) 2. frequency modulation 3. phase modulation 4. ASK modulation 5. PSK modulation 6. FSK modulation i need them using the OP-AMP Many thanks
i have posted my problem in it is still is not solved.
dear friends i need manual for telematix fc1 model car security system .
I urgently need this file. Please download it and upload it to EDA BOARD. 50 points will be donated if done within 2 hours
This a summation which represents the waves of a radio communication channel Please give me the matlab code. I will donate 20 pts. Thanks.
Many thanks fuat_09 I donate 25 points for you Thanks :)
yofan, Thanks. Nice set of beginner articles. I'd donate points, but I don't think there's a way for me to do that, as a responder rather than a questioner. If you know of a way for me to do this, let me know Regards,