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Now, the LED can stay still for each word but I would like it to blink and it has to use multiplexer(in 74 series) for blinking. I have found 74153 use for blinking but I can't connect it to my system on Proteus. So, if you know how it work Please help Proteus was included. and photos represent how it blink but i cannot do.
Cross posted: If it is of any interest, I am in Ireland and have loads of left-over stuff for this. I have been sitting on it just so as not to throw it out. All I want is shipping cost. 3cm red 5cm red and green 7.5cm red all 5x7, Column Cathode, from Forge Europa I also have PCBs, TPIC6B595 shift register O/C drivers, and some assembled b
Guys i m making a Scrolling text using 5x7 display with 8051 but i m having a problem that i m unable to figure out that how to scroll a text i wrote this test code but it keeps displaying 'A' .. plz can sumbody tell me what is the prob with this code...... i ll very thankful..... #include int count={0x08,0x10,0x20,0
hello, I m troubling to find datasheet of 5x7 14 pin dot matrix display I m having HB35711ASR display if you have any please share it
Hello. i'm from Malaysia, first of all, i am sorry because im not so good in english, but i really need somebody else help me. Anybody here can help me with programming for 5x7 dot matrix to show the temperature from heat senson input? thank you..
need a 5x7 led dot matrix display with 10 pcs I have other parts the mm5450 any project will do with microcontroller is ok
hi all... i have created a 5x7 LED dotmatrix display board(20 Nos of 5x7). and its currently working fine, its a 7 row and 80 coloumns display board.... i want to add some effects and animations in that display board , so for that where can i find a program that it can convert the file animation i draw in the pc to hex values.? WHERE (...)
Logic is multiplexing... You need to implement it by utilizing the property of our eye - ' persistence of vision' Try this link, I hope you will get something...
Hi, i'm doing one 5x7 dot matrix with 14pins . I'm using PIC16F876A ,With 3 ports. I connected column of the dot matrix to PORTB pin 3-7 and rows to PORTC pin 1-7 . Somehow the programming to display a alphabet got me thinking. I had no idea how to display cause i'm new to assembly language. Can anyhow teach me? LIST p=16F876 (...)
hi .... I am having 20X5 column's and 7 rows (15 No of 5x7 LED ) serially connected to PC via hyper my code i have some problem with receiving characters from the PC. I have attached my code here... i use Mikro C and PIC16f877A and 74HC595 for shifting column's. My program is , /*---------------------------------------------
hello guys, how can one represent aphabets in asm code of pic16fxxx. to be displayed in 5x7 dot matrix
Digital Clock using ATMega8535 and DS12887 with 5x7(8) led dot matrix I am doin last project and urgently in need some soultion.... Plz help me,if any-one has that project or related info. I am using ATMega8535 and DS12887 and the display is on 5x7(8)LED dot matrix and i also wanted to include buzzer which says (...)
Hello Everyone ! i want to know how to scroll "A" on only one 5x7 LED dot matrix. If anybody knows please tell me ! Thanks !8)
hi. i have some problems with my LED. i cannot trace the footprints of my LED dot matrix. fyi,it is a 5x7 display dot matrix,with 7x7 pin. the component number is TE 05457054N239M i also trying to search the datasheet over the internet,but i couldn't find anything. can someone help me to find the datasheet? thanks.
Hi, I'm running 4: 5x7 bi colored dot matrices from the MAX6952. I'm using the PIC18's SPI to interface with it. I sent some dummy bits, so I know my CLK and Dout work. But the MAX6952 doesn't light up, and seems to be not receiving any data from my Dout. The MAX6952 can take 2 words (first byte for address and the second for function to pe
HI, I need to make a circuit using PIC16F877A and 5x8 dot matrix display to make an elevator counter which display the number of floor using gray code as input signal. i want to count 16 floor from G to floor 15. the power to the circuit is 24 VDC . CAN ANY BODY HELP WITH THE CIRCUIT CODE IN C LANGUGE OR THE SCHEMATIC CIRCUIT ON PROTUES as it i
hey here is that code if you can't ;Program for 5x7 COMMON CATHODE dot MATRIX DISPLAY ;P1 COL ;P2 ROW ORG 0000H AJMP MAIN ORG 0030H MAIN: MOV P1,#00H MOV P2,#00H MOV DPTR,#TABLE LOOP3: MOV R4,#50 LOOP2: MOV R3,#250 LOOP1: M
hi to all again.. thanks to the one replied to me..but still I have a blurred idea of how will I make my own display..I just have a little span of time.. I'm planning to make a cascaded 5x7 dot matrix display that would be interface in the computer through parallel port.. The project should be a PC- based application and will be run through VB sinc
hi to all, im interfacing a dotmatrix led with 89v51rd2 controller using 2 connection details are: PORT0-->74hc573--->uln2803--->pull up resistor1k--->to row of the matrix led PORT1-->74hc573--->column of the matrix LED PORT3.5,6,7-->3-8 decoder-->latch enable pins i overcome with the prob: if i have more than 3 l
we have a project regarding moving display using led dot matrix 5x7...and pic16f877...and we are only new to microcode...any suggested program using microcode studio...or where can we download a free compiler other than microcode that best suits the program to be used...we will be grateful for your help...thanks a lot....