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Hello, How this black color ink printer work what is the name of it?? sorry for poor quality of image.134014
Hi Programmers. i want to make Arabic Language led matrix display . And i have no idea where to start . I have made English led matrix display. 132529 132528
It would still be the same, it is the method of driving (multiplexing) the leds, not the circuit that has the deficiency. Incidentally, although an experienced person would recognize how it works, it would be more intuitive to draw the diagram so the rows were fed at the side of the matrix and the columns from the top or bottom. I'm not sure if y
I have developed other electronic projects but this one here is new for me...I don't have a clear understanding driving a transistor with a pic. Will this circuit work? Thanks in
Hello Friends, I am sure someone here must have worked successfully on 16*32 led matrix display; something like this...( ) . I have one of these led matrix (part number- P10(1R)706). Can you help me with the datasheet and its programming example or link where i can find them? However displa
Now, the led can stay still for each word but I would like it to blink and it has to use multiplexer(in 74 series) for blinking. I have found 74153 use for blinking but I can't connect it to my system on Proteus. So, if you know how it work Please help Proteus was included. and photos represent how it blink but i cannot do.
The thermal pad is supposed to be soldered to the heatsink so conformal coating would have to be removed before mounting it. You might get away with a dot of thermal paste between the pad and heat sink if you derate it slightly but you would have to monitor the temperature to find the safe limit. If you do that, I would still suggest you remove all
This way its most cost effective method use 74HC595
Hello, I am working on led dot MATRIX Scrolling Message. I am unable to figure out the logic for scrolling text on the dot matrix. i have write the code for displaying custom text but i am unable to implement it in Scrolling. #define shcp PORTB.B0 #define serialdata PORTB.B1 #define stcp PORTB.B2 #define addressbus PORTC #include
The PWM will control the speed of the fans very well. But the 555s and LM3914 do not need the 12V regulator so it can be removed. The input to the LM3914 is PWM pulses so it will show all leds lighted almost at every speed setting. The brightness of a few leds will show the speed. If you want the dot of a single led to show (...)
Hello, I am new to PIC UC and i am in learning phase. well i am getting problem in simulating dot matrix that when i display only static 6 characters on the 6 8x8 dot matrix. they look perfectly fine. but when i increase the dot matrix, let say 8 8x8 dotmatrix the characters dont display properly and flickering occurs. also (...)
I needs your helps to design led dot MATRIX DISPLAY USING PIC MICROCONTROLLER. I get some nice video in youtube. please help me....
Hi I am trying to interface PIC+MAX7219 dot matrix led Display. but until now i can not build any library for 7219 display.:cry: can anyone help me in building a library for PIC16f877a+MAX7219 dot matrix led Display.
Chineese led display board link: Onbon led controller link:
Hi genius i need an help for designing the small 7 x 21 dot matrix smd led display with message running display for my certain application .. Can anyone help me out by attaching any simple schematic circuits for my project?? Thanks :smile:
STC8051+AVR+atmega Professional Kit is a high-performance development board with rich board resources. The board has many peripherals such as dot matrix led, color dot matrix LCD, SD slot, PS2 port, stepper motor driver, DC Motor, infrared sensor and temperature sensor. It reflects fully STC Microcontroller performance. Please see the (...)
Your Display Circuit either be in Row scanning or Column scanning, but its more important to scan using rows because of brightness when designing large display
Hello guys. My name is Andrew and I'am from Poland. I have plenty of Atmega8A, i have also MAX7219 and 8x8 dot matrix 1088BS > PIN DETAILS I've got also arduino UNO clone and arduino nano clone. I would like to use Atmega8A because i have many of these. I would also prefer to di
HI, I want to build an 64X8 led matrix display. for making that i want to first build the 8x8 matrix display using two 74595 (one for row and other for column) and 74hc595 and cd4017. if i use two 595 flickering occurs but cd 4017 has no problem how ca i reduce this flickering effect? if i make cd4017 based display what is the maximum siz
Check ; is there something useful.............. Pial's (We)Blog | 8x8 dot matrix font generator based on javascript and HTML led Scolling dot Mat