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Hi Programmers. i want to make Arabic Language led matrix display . And i have no idea where to start . I have made English Led matrix display. 132529 132528
Hello, I am new to PIC UC and i am in learning phase. well i am getting problem in simulating dot matrix that when i display only static 6 characters on the 6 8x8 dot matrix. they look perfectly fine. but when i increase the dot matrix, let say 8 8x8 (...)
I needs your helps to design LED dot matrix display USING PIC MICROCONTROLLER. I get some nice video in youtube. please help me....
Hi I am trying to interface PIC+MAX7219 dot matrix Led display. but until now i can not build any library for 7219 display.:cry: can anyone help me in building a library for PIC16f877a+MAX7219 dot matrix Led display.
Need an example code for 8X8 dot matrix LED display in microC. Basically I was trying to make one. I tried in many ways but it doesn't work. I don't know what was wrong I was doing.... here is my file: const unsigned short letters = { 0x18,0x3C,0x66,0x66,0x7E,0x7E,0x66,0x66, //A 0xFF, 0x00, 0x76, (...)
but how to calculate timing function and all other function. Please attach equations for all of the calculation for designing a efficient dot matrix display for any size. - - - Updated - - - but how to calculate timing function and all other function. Please attach equations for all of the calculation for d
somebody please help me!I make a code for 8x8 dot matrix display scrolling data in pic16f1936.Now all the code running very well but I don't understand the logic how to scroll it,because my uC is 8 bit and I want to scroll two 8 bit data as a single somebody have any idea how to rotate left or right the (...)
Guys i m making a Scrolling text using 5x7 display with 8051 but i m having a problem that i m unable to figure out that how to scroll a text i wrote this test code but it keeps displaying 'A' .. plz can sumbody tell me what is the prob with this code...... i ll very thankful..... #include int (...)
I am writing the software in C and I have managed to display English sentence in a 32x122 dots LCD. I written a LCD driver and imported a font table generated from the "Font and Bitmap Generator". Therefore the code to display a sentence is like char *font_type; font_type = font_english; display("A (...)
hello guy, i have a problem with simulation in proteus, I have designed a little circuit to print some letters on a dot matrix display but it does not want to work anyway. I have tried many modification of my code without success, i have used a code who should be able to work where i ve seen some (...)
hello kanna, Can you please post the datasheet of your dot matrix display: VT12088BS I need to see how different is your display with the one I used. regards
Gentlemen, I'm having problem displaying message on my 8x8 dot matrix display. I've modified a small c code rewriting it in C using CCS C compiler. In as far as my hardware is concern, I'm using a pic16f877a, a 74HC595, NPN transistors and a you would note in code, the serial data pin is (...)
:lol:Hey guys! ^^ ! This is my first post. I'm going straight to the point. I am made a count down display from 9-0 and then again. I already finished the code with the numbers revolving :grin:. Is there any way i could make a shorter code? or can you suggest any pattern/design for the count down? :) Thanks in advance! My (...)
Hi guys, I have a 64x16 pixel dot matrix led display. It is build out from 16 pieces of 8x8 pixel dot matrix led. But now the problem is, when I show some characters, the brightness of 1st row is brighter than the other 15 rows. Do you guys have an idea what's wrong with it? Is it firmware problem or it's (...)
i trying to display character in 8x8 dot matrix display using 74HC595 My code : ..... // here starts the infinite loop for(i=0;i<=7;i++) { PORTB=a; if(i==0) { DS=1; SHCP=0; // ?? STCP=1; delay_us(1); SHCP=0[/CO
What is the problem of this coding ? why Alphabets are not displayed correctly ? char i, error, byte_read; // Auxiliary variables int cnt; unsigned short Alphabets={ //0xFF, 0x01, 0xEE, 0xEE, 0xEE, 0x01, 0xFF, 0xFF, //A //0xFF, 0x00, 0x76, 0x76, 0x76, 0x89, 0xFF, 0xFF, //B
I wanna to display one string in 8x8 dot matrix display. I written one code to display 5 character ,but it does not work i herewith added my code and Hardware connection. Compiler is Mikro C Controller is PIC16f877a Shifting reg is 74HC595 display (...)
I once wrote a scrolling text code for 8 dot-matrix displays in assembler. It shouldn't be hard to implement it in C. You may start
hi everyone. i always find that there are a lot of sources that are dot matrix led display that are with the scrolling function. but i only want the basic and without all additional functions. can someone give me the c language and the circuit with the 8051 microcontroller AT89c52 for me to practise. because i hope to understand how to (...)
HI i want to interface the 5*7 dot matrix led display . actually i have an ckt of led matrix . the 7 rows connected directly to controller 7 pins and the column connected through 74hc595 to ULN2003 to 5 rows of led, so please give an idea or concept to display an character.